Best HDMI Cable for Video

Looking to purchase a new HDMI cable for video use only. It is not a long run, so I only need about 2-3 meters. I do not want a DVI cable and then have to use an adapter. I currently have a Sony 42 inch LCD but will be upgrading to the new Sony SXRD 60 inch screen. Looking to get a very vivid picture. Note- I already use a passive power line conditoner (BPT Signature 3.5).

Looking for feedback from someone who's actually bought and tried a few HDMI cables.


I have only tried the short cable that came with my projector (Panasonic PT-700AE) and a 4 meter monster cable that I strung through my ceiling. I couldn't tell any difference in picture quality. I bought the monster for a little over $100 because I needed a long run and it looked beefy enough to be reliable. I didn't want to scrimp because it's difficult to run this through my already finished ceiling.
You might find the following review interesting:
You might want to check out VooDoo's top of the line component video cables, one of my friends has a set of these and he really likes them alot. I just ordered on their silver s-video cables and a satellite digital video cable with F connectors....If only my satellite receiver had component video hook-ups I would be trying these out too.
I read the review of the Nordost Wyrewizard HDMI and they sound very tempting. I can't seem to locate a dealer that carries that particular cable nor do I find them listed on the Nordost site. Any suggestions?
I got mine from ''. for about $80. They are the cable of choice for Perfect Vision and other reviewers. They are bigger than usual, gas impregnated and have larger terminations. They work great on my set.
I got my HDMI cable from I needed a longer run (12 ft) for my DVR/cable box and didn't want to spend a fortune. Should I splurge a little more for the bettercables cable or something more? Would the difference, if any, be significant for digital cable viewing? I'll be going with FIOS TV soon if that matters.
I agree with the guy ahead of me " BetterCables" are the best.
I went with the Wireworld Starlight 5.2. All I can say is "wow." This HDMI cable bettered my Synergistic Research Designer Reference Component cable. The picture has good image definition and color saturation. Whites tend to be washed but I think that is a result of the TV (Sony 42 inch LCD). Shadow detail was better on the SR, but that cable is $1000. The Wireworld cable was $220. Highly recommended for the price and significantly better than the lower priced cables in the product line. Note- I use the HDMI cable with cable TV, not DVD player.
I use AQ HDMI-1 with DVI adaptor for dvd from Marantz DV8400 to Panny 42PV500 and was and still blown away by the PQ especially the skin texture, the expensive contrast cinima feel. It's actually a model upgrade for aprox US$200 6m. Require about 30+ hrs breakin to see it's potential. Cannot imagine how their HDMI-3 top model betters it. Also highly recommend AQ Cinimaquest antana cable, you will see what you have been missing all these years for reg TV viewing.