Best HDCD player under US1600

Which one is the best of the best.
Pick up used EAD Ultradisk 2000 was $2500 list now you can find one for around or under $1200. Sweet detailed & very smooooth.
You may be able to find a Sonic Frontiers SFCD1. These players were $3600-$3800 new but can be found for $1600 used on the web.
Go with a adcom GCD 750 for the money you cant bet them. You can pick one up for about $1000.00 off the net. Awesome player.
If all you care about is the HDCD, then the Rotel RCD-951 is under $500 and performs fine in HDCD. For the money it is good for regular CDs, but there are better under $500 CD players in that department.
Look into the Arcam 9/FMJ23 CD players. You might have to pick one up used. Very nice players.