Best HDCD Jazz CDs

What are the best HDCD Jazz titles you're heard?
Keiko Matsui
Dave Brubeck-Take Five
Second for Take Five.
Erik Friedlander - Topaz

Vincent Courtois - Translucide

Christophe Marguet Trio - s/t

The Other Quartet - Sound Stains
Patricia Barber- Cafe Blue (PREM-737-2)

Maybe not pure jazz to some, but a fine CD found in most eclectic jazz collections. Outstanding sonics.
Don't you guys mean Time Out? Take Five is a cool song and all but it isn't the only cool song on the album.
Oops indeed Blackie I meant Time Out.
Bean Bags: Milt Jackson/Coleman Hawkins
Brazil: Charlie Rouse
Live at Chene Park: Jon-Luc Ponty
Picked up Dave Brubeck Time Out yesterday at Second Vinyl in Toronto. It's definitely one of the best HDCD recordings I've heard in my system. Any more good ones?
I'd have to second the Keiko Matsui choice.
Dave Koz - The Dance. Great music, great sonics, great artists.
Keiko Matsui is really great! Thanks for the recommendations. She makes the Piano so much more involving and full of emotion.
Just to let everybody know, I found lots of good HDCDs from labels such as: Reference Recordings, Opus 3, Clarity and some regular labels that you can find at
UHF mag sells the HDCD labels on their site. I also just ordered Patricia Barber "Cafe Blue" on Gold HDCD!
Cyrus Chestnut on Atlantic is one of the best jazz CD's I own, and it's HDCD! Great music, superb recording.