Best Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

Folks - Looking for some hawaiian slack key guitar recordings. Would prefer LPs, by I'd listen to digital as well. Thanks!
I don't think you're going to have much luck looking for slack key guitar on vinyl, but have you checked out the Dancing Cat Records site? I have a number of their discs and they are very good. These are recordings that are done by George Winston.
Well, a'int that weird! I just put on "Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection Vol. 2" not but a few minutes ago! This CD gives a pretty good overview of the artists on the Dancing Cat Records label. Next time I'm at the used vinyl store in my area (it's a huge one!) I'll check for some vinyl for you, Leftistelf.
Fatparrot, Where would that used vinyl store be? The good one near me just became a computer "super store".
Leftistelf, it's PDQ records in Tucson, AZ. Literally tens of thousands of used vinyl LP's, 45's, CD's, VHS & DVD movies (even old 8 tracks & cassettes)!
thanks for everyone's direction. Damn, i love acoustic hawaiian music :)