Best Guitar Band part11

Hi all, Shurbertmaniac started a good thread "best guitar band". He started with a real Classic and great band from the mid 60's (Yardbirds). Many great artist evolved from this band along with some great Tracks. Many responded with some great bands (thanks) from the late 60's to present. Lets keep it coming with more great "guitar bands" which will help many add to their collection. Thanks to those who mentioned Quick Silver Messenger Service, keep forgetting to add this great band to my collection. Remember the James Gang. Lets keep it going, Merry Christmas.
I wouldn't classify the Quicksilver Messenger Service as a great guitar band. They had a few good tunes, but really did not crank out the guitar except on the Happy Trails album. They played for dope, and when they ran out of it, they played for more. I did not see your list, but my favorite guitar bands include Wishbone Ash (3 guitars!!), Jeff Beck, Captain Beyond (they were originally part of the second Iron Butterfly incarnation), and New Improved Blue Cheer (whose album I played last night). Others could include Foghat (and the original Savoy Brown Blues Band, which disbanded to form Foghat), Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, Montrose. My favorites, though, are Hendrix and Jeff Beck. Others that don't qualify as rock are Al Dimeola and John Mclaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra, which both are under jazz fusion.
Whattsa matta?? Nobody here a Who fan?? Isn't "Who's Next" one of everybodies Desert Island Disks?? Maybe no one has mentioned Tom Petty & the HeartBreakers because they were later, but these guys put out some great music. Also, despite the fact that they only produced one collection, Derek and the Dominoes may be the best guitar band ever recorded.
Ok, If your talking about great bands, with unbelievable guitar playing, you can't get much better than ZZ Top. Billy Gibbons is the only guitar player officially endorsed by Hendrix. Have Mercy
Can I get an amen for Parliment/Funkadelic, Television and the original Electric Flag. Mike Bloomfield seems to be a forgotten guitar hero, but he's arguably the best "white boy" blues player ever. The first EF album, "A Long Time Comin'", has some of the finest guitar playing I've ever heard. Bloomfield was magnificent!
Without a doubt, it was Cream. Runnerup: Jimi Hendrix Experience.Saw them both live and just can't forget it!
61: Yes on Television, I have been unable to locate the albums (only two, red and black?) on CD. Do they exist? I listened to Electric Flag but cannot remember the sound and Super Session used to be everyone's favorite in the early 70's. It was almost degrading for Bloomfield to OD on Valium, which was considered to be a "lightweight" drug for housewives at the time (no offense Elizabeth or anyone else, those were the times, my wife'e mother died from a Valium overdose as well). Sorry that they went with anything though. I remember Parliment as being mostly brass, but they have gone through many reincarnations. Brings to mind Hot Chocolate "You Sexy Thing." I believe in miracles.
We should'nt forget the Paul Butterfield Blues Band with both Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. East-West is one of my all-time favorites. Another guitar great who had his own band for a while (Christo Redentor and Games Guitars Play) but also played in various bands (Canned Heat, Rolling Stones, etc.) is Harvey Mandel.
Can you spell 'dire straits'? Or, 'van halen' (doh), ac/dc, 'stevie ray vaughn'
2muse: Havn't thought of "Drunk again on Gordan's Dry Gin" for 25 years or so.
The Breeders - Pod, It contains the only beatles cover I have ever heard and prefered to the original! Check it out, you won't regret it!!!
Heh, heh, sure Highway, amen to the P-Funk, and I re-pledge allegiance to the Groove. Not yer typical guitar band, but they did go nuts on the electric guitar. Sly Stone meets Jefferson Airplane meets Sun Ra?
Big Star - Maybe not the best, but up there as a great.
Can't believe that I forgot these guys, "The Climax Bues Band" the yellow album. I picked it up in Hawaii in 72 but it was not available in the Continental US for some time after that.
If you want to experience the true feel of Climax Blues Band get a copy of "FM Live".
Atlanta Rthym Section,original lineup. The Outlaws,
NOT the one with Willie Nelson and the other two.
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