Best 'Gon humor

I have at times had a great laugh at some of the humor on the 'Gon. I've pasted one of these threads below.

I'd be interested in hearing recommendations on the best ROTFLMAO threads you've found.


09-16-04: Buscis2
Rpatrick, I set up my complete system in the freezer. The amp sits atop the ice cube trays, the CD transport is wedged between two 14oz boneless sirloins and a box of Green Giant Broccoli florets. I keep a 16lb honey glazed ham on top of the transport to dampen structure borne vibration.

And for so long I thought I was the only one doing this. It's refreshing to know that there are other audio enthusiasts who put their best foot forward and enjoy thinking outside of the icebox.

Next year I'm thinking of bi-amping and utilizing a pair of Sub Zeros.
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09-16-04: Jjmali amp won't fit in the freezer. What if I put it outside this winter - I live in buffalo, ny. Maybe I could start a cryo business for low iq agoners....

call: (1/800 - dumbass) if interested
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My favorite is the ongoing dialogue by Jax2 on "The Perch™

07-28-07: Jax2
Funny you should mention God, Newbee. I'm working on a new "Prayer" tweak to go with The Perch™. It's amazing and will take anyone's experience of their system to a level so high that you can reach up and tickle of the feet of the angels. You just have to believe. The tweak comes with a large companion volume of text (a longtime bestseller) to help you attain the highest level of enlightenment. It'll be available as soon as I get God to sign off on it. God's difficult to reach at this time, but I've been leaving messages daily and should have an answer soon.
Don't wait until you can afford it, or you may not be able to hear it.

Are you talking about old age?
Just about anything from member Gunbei.
My favorite humor thread ever was titled something like "Why so many 'why so many...' threads?" It doesn't appear to be here anymore, but it was just a hilarious parody of audiophile neurosis.
Audio is serious stuff.

There is no place for humor.
Now THAT'S funny!!

You need a happy pill.
Which one,the pill or the no place?? I get it!That is funny.....sure.....
That wasn't.....sorry... sure..
Anyone that has a pair of speakers with more than 3 cones per speaker has a great sense of humor.Anyone with more than 10 cones per speaker is a pro comedian.
Mr U- Actually: It was directed to Mr A, but Mr G got his posted first. Thus it became an, "If the foo $hits, wear it" kinda thing!
I thought anyone with more than 3 cones was on Saturday Night....
See what I mean.

A very serious topic being treated like a red-headed stepchild.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Audio must be taken seriously if we are all to find sonic nirvana.
I'm sure you can find Nirvana in any record store....

....but, alas, Kurt is gone....
Kurt Cobain jokes are cheap shots.
#9,#9,#9,#9,#9,alas,yes,he is....and so is John.You just knew the 80's were going to be a downer when they missed Rayguns and got him.....course after the 70's,even the Roaring 20's would have been kind of casual.....except for Tallulah Bankhead of course.She makes Madonna seem like a girl scout on her way to choir practice.Hey,didnt she ......never mind...good night to all the ships at sea then..
Take my WAF, please!
05-21-08: Audiofeil
Kurt Cobain jokes are cheap shots.

Sure, but it's open season on Courtney Love. :)
You mean is it plastic or is it Courtney?At the rate she's evolving she's going to make Mickey Rourke look good,not to mention Wayne Newton.I can still see him for the first time on Bandstand I think it was.15 and singing that German song.Is he still alive?Is Courtney?Is Kennedy?Now,thats a cheap shot....but after 10 1/2 months in Nam and 9 months in the hospital I like to think I'm entitled to a little gallows humour....or as we used to say stayhighkeeplow....
More cones is only better when one is at Baskin Robins.
Tuesday night $1 a scoop. Yummy scrumptious.
'More cones is'? ARE!.
Got my words in a mucking fuddle.
That was nothing compared to mine earlier.I lost it there,no apologies[sp] to the posters and the Kennedy family,Bob