Best Garage or Workshop Design for Audio Gear

As I plan a new, full house renovation, I am rethinking not only my listening room, but also how I might better store various accessories, spare cables, amd spare components to have a clean, tidy, well lit area to work on various audio projects.

Have any of you dedicated spare in a garage or workshop for electronic projects?

If you were designing a new garage or house, what space or storage would you add, above and beyond a listening room?

Albeit with more of an automotive spin, this guy seems to have the right idea:

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas
I would like a workshop just behind the speaker area in so that I do not have far to go. Something like a big room with a divider wall or something where I can easily swap and work on things.

The shops in the garages in the photos are a bit of a joke, those Kaiser air compressors for instance- unless you need a jack hammer for your car... Too many drawers- too hard to find things.

Too many drawers? I can't find anything in any case, so I appreciate the feedback.

And yes, assuming the rack is in between the speakers, I always thought it would be nice to have dedicated, walk in space behind the front wall.

This way, components - whether active or not active in the system - could be patched in an out conveniently, while also doing a better job of hiding the wires.

I think I saw something like this in an audio store, circa 1980, but don't recall people discussing features like this, even in a dedicated room.
Makes me think of some of the Japanese guys with warehouses and forklifts for their old WE gear and monster horns. It seems these days that all of my gear is really heavy and hard to move. I'd love to be able to roll things around on carts. Better yet your idea- a large rack where you could patch things in and out w/o having to move anything bigger than a cable. I guess I am getting old!
Haas tool room mill to make face plates. You know you look at your gear more then listen to it.
Unless that garage can maintain temperature and humidity conditions, I'd think again about such a plan.
I agree with Unsound. The garage has to be temp controlled. Then there is the issue of dust.

From my friends and family who have tons of electronics a lot of it ends up in the basement. The garage is where all the boxes go.

Check out this audiophile's garage. The pic is towards the bottom.

DoinOK's Garage Audio set-up

Is that what you are trying to achieve?

Best of luck.

My garage currently would cryogenically treat any components.

Jedinite, yes, that looks pretty nifty.

As I am in the midst of disassembling and reviewing several systems as seen in my WAF system link, I am reminded of how difficult it can be to crawl on the floor, behind racks etc with a flashlight to see connectors, not to mention clean or maintain components.

So again, the idea is that - in addition to a thoughtful, dedicated space for listening - a house (or garage) might also include thoughtful, dedicated space for storage, maintaining, repairing and testing components, cables, accessories, spares, media etc without cluttering up the main room.

After years of steadfast support, I am finally get a bit of a hard time for all of the wires associated with this hobby. (Actually, not from my wife, but from my mother in law!)

On reflection, custom lengths for all cables would solve much of the messy cable problem, so perhaps the dream workshop/garage would also include cable termination equipment.