Best Fully Automatic TT

I am looking for a fully automatic TT to digitize my vinyl collection. My software will stop recording when the needle raises. So I want a TT that will auto-stop and return when the side is finished (so I can tend to my never-ending honey-do and infant without worry of "playing the lable"). Please advise, new or used is ok as long as the sonics are high grade.
Dual 1264 is a pretty good one if you can find it. I bought mine in 1981 in that it was the best I could find and afford back then. It sounds better than ever these days running a vintage Goldring cart into a vintage yamaha natural sound receiver driving more modern monitor speakers and a powered sub.
How about a tonearm lifter?
technics SL-7 or SL-10. David Price at hi-fi world thought the sl-7 sounded better. then go to Raul's mm cartridge thread for p-mount cartridge ideas. The SL-7 goes for very little on ebay and with the right cartridge could be for you. It was seriously expensive when it came out and is audiophile quality. cheers
"Fully Auto"...I remember there was a turntable that actually turned the record over for side 2. Don't remember the manufacturer, but it did exist.
The best?

I think the Pioneer P3 had auto lift, as did many of the Japan market only Kenwoods, like the KP9010.
A semi-automatic TT will need you to manually start a record yourself,but should lift and return the arm at the finish. Some may have just lifted the arm at finish,but I can't remember what category those were classified in.
Current lower and mid end Thorens and Dual turntables should fit your needs. You start it and they finish it.
The Dual CS 5000 is my favorite vintage semi-automatic TT.When the arm is moved over the record,the platter begins to spin.Once proper speed has been reached(33,45,or 78)the arm lowers automatically onto the disc.At the end of the record,the arm lifts and the table turns off.I own three of these tables.I know that Dual does currently offer both semi and fully automatic tables.
Thanks for your responses. Should I go new or find a used model?
All the good automatic turntables are going to be used. Not many manufacturers are doing semi or automatic turntables these days. Denon has one out for $300.00 or so. The better deal will be used.
FWIW, because someone mentioned it above... The Exclusive P3 (made by Pioneer) is NOT fully automatic.... You just get runout groove noise played at a very high degree of fidelity and speed accuracy... :^)

The best vintage fully automatic tables I know of are the Yamaha PX-1 and the Sony PS-X9.

However, there are lots more tables which will give you perfectly decent performance for less.

Personally, I think Rwwear's idea is right on. The Audio Technica arm-lifter works well and might be just the ticket.
I use a Thorens armlifter on myLinn Axis and it has worked like a charm for over 20 years.

technically, fully automatic turntables automatically cue the tonearm to start and stop playback and turn the motor on/off. An armlift is a step towards what used to be referred to as semi -automatic, meaning the tonearm is lifted but not returned to the stand and the motor is left running.
I have the Thorens lifter also-works great. They need to start making it again. It's the best I've tried.
What about the obvious solution - a B&O 4002 or other B&O?
This is a no brainer for me. All you need is a JVC QLY5F quartz digital drive. They're commonly found. I've got several of these, in addition to having a traditional high end setup. Why several, because they're engineering marvels to those of us who've sampled them, in addition to delivering the analog goods. Best tonearm, platter, and low resonance design out of the 80's bar none. I also own a JVC QLY3 and a JVC QLY7, the latter widely known as one of JVC's best ever tables ever designed. It's not easy storing all these tables, but they're priceless works of art thus I've had to make room in my modestly sized listening room to accommodate them. These are hi grade performance players that will stand up to many a high priced table of today.
Almost certainly one that should be considered is the Sony PS X75 fully automatic turntable. That table not only automatically lowers and raises the tone arm but it stops the turntable and returns the arm to the rest position also turns off the audio to the table. It will also detect the record size 45, 10” or 12” and moves the tone arm to the correct start position. Many other features that make It one of Sony’s best efforts for turntables. As a bonus, the table is really nice looking, very cool
ELP laser turntable = fully automatic, = best??
i guess I am now in the semi-auto camp, meaning all I need it to do is auto-stop at the end and shut off. Does this change anyones opinion?
Older Denon TT's.
Im suprised no one mentioned the technics 1700 mk II. One of technics best TT's.
Dual is again making turntables, check the fully automatic CS-455-1 here. I find the walnut plinth and gold accents beautiful. It should be at least as good as the old Duals.