Best Full Range Speakers For Under $1100 ?

Im a first timer with a Classe Cap-101.
Im looking for a full range speaker with plenty of
bass, to eliminate the need for a sub.
Im considering the Definitive Power Monitor 700.
The room is medium sized and I listen to all kinds of
music, rock, hip-hop, jazz, etc.
Thanks for the advice,
If used is OK then give consideration to the Vandersteen 2Ce Signature. I've seen a couple of pairs recently in your price range. Nice speakers, easy to drive, and definitely full range.
Vandersteen 2ce has bass down to 29hz and a full and musical sound.
Paradigm ref. 100.1
I would strongly recommend a good monitor with limited bass over a full range speaker with mediocre overall performance. Please listen to the green mountain audio europas.
Easy. NHT 2.9. Occasionally available for $1,100 here on Audiogon.
Someone just posted a Platinum Audio Trio for $1000. This would more than satisfy any desire for excellent bass with fast, accurate, tuneful bass for your rock, hip-hop, jazz interests. This line of speakers is also able to provide excellent performance throughout remainder of sound spectrum. The conventional approach is to pair with high output, but refined transistor amp. All the other recommendations in this thread seem outstanding, too. Perhaps the serendipity (?spelling) of instant availability ( don't forget to bargain ) will make a decision easier when none of the recommended options is a mistake.
The Platinums seem like a great option,,If I had the coin, i would buy them yesterday,,look into Pinnacle Classic Gold Aerogels,,best bass I heard in a tower, and the awesome Audax aerogel driver for the mids. You will definitely not need a sub...
castle harlechs from audio advisor...a steal at twice the price.
I can think of only one speaker at that price point (used) that is truly full range, but I don't think your amp is up to driving them: Thiel 3.5's.
i ended up with the classe amplifierb and the warfdale speakers. thanks for all of your responses. :)