Best Full Range Speaker, 750- 1k

I am in the process of rebuilding my system, and wanted to tap the Audiogon community's opinions on the best full range speaker in the $750-$1,000 used price range. Right now, the front-runner on my list is the Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rod. Other speakers I've heard good things about are the Thiel 1.5, PSB Stratus series, and Vandersteen's.

The associated equipment will be a Belles 150A Hot Rod amp, a Rogue 66 pre, and a Sony DV-9000ES CD/SACD/DVD player. I value musicality and an engaging sound above clinical detail, precision and transparency. I listen primarily to classical (chamber and symphonic, some choral), small scale jazz, and female vocals.

I'd appreciate all your comments on the Meadowlark's, how they compare to some of the other speakers I've mentioned, as well as any other recommendations in this price range. Thanks in advance!

Hi Eric. When you mention you value musicality and engaging
sound, Spendor 3/1, 2/3 and Harbeth HL-P3ES2 comes to mind.
The Harbeth's are the finest mini-monitors that I've heard.
Later add a sub if more bass is needed. Glorious sounding
speaker with beautiful wood veneers. First-rate, world class
quality without a doubt. Good Luck in your quest. Bill
The new Green Mountain Europa two way has fantastic sound and at only $ 780.00 is a great bargain. Go to for pictures and specs.

Don Kenney
Edina, Mn
IMHO, none of the speakers suggested are full range. The closest I can suggest (there is compromise in bass extension at high volumes) is a pair of used Thiel 3.5's.
I fully agree with Unsound's opinion. I am currently using
a pair of Thiel 3.5s with all McIntosh electronics and find
the sound is just wonderful. The 3.5s do not have the deepest bass extension, but do just about everything else
very, very well. In a small to mid-size room you will have to look at speakers well into the $1500-$2000 range to get
better sound.
The Thiel 3.5s periodically come up for sale on the used market for $900-$1000 every few months. Be picky about
condition - make sure the Thiel equalizer is in good
operating condition; and check the condition of the cabinets
vary carefully. The 3.5s have a true furniture grade finish;
and if well cared for should look like new or only have a
few minor scratches.
Also, if your go with Thiel 3.5s make sure you are using
decent quality interconnects and speaker cables. The Thiels
are very revealing of low quality sources and/or cables.
Avideo, just to clarify, the Thiel 3.5's will go down low they just won't do it loudly.
For used the B&W P4, P5 or P6
Alon II's if you can find them.
I've heard some of the above ...go Thiel
a pair of used Carver AL-III's is probably the best that you will find. I have owned mine for nine years. Listened to a pair of 803's yesterday at a shop. I have no envy for 803 owners. 803's run about $5000. I have not tried the 803's in my system.

24hz-20000khz 4ohm 500watt c/ch
Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. Unsound, you are correct, I should probably have used the term "floorstander" instead of "full range."

I have never actually heard the Thiel's, but am seriously considering doing some auditioning now. Is the general consensus that they outperform the Meadowlark's?

Although I was originally hoping to stay away from monitors, I'm also really intrigued by the Green Mountain suggestion. Anyone actually heard these or compared them to any other speakers?

Keep the suggestions coming! And thanks again!

There is no question that you should try to stretch up 250dollars and go for the Vandersteen 2CE. It is got much more bass extension than any other speaker in this price point. It would also be on the forgiving side of things.

good luck.
Flying, while I agree the Vandersteens would be more on the forgiving side of things, I disagree that they have more bass extension than Thiel 3.5's. Eric, the Meadowlark and Thiels (and others including the recommended Vandersteens) share some similar design principles differing mostly in cabinet design/bass out-put. Finding a general consensus may be quite challenging You'll have to decide for yourself which you prefer. Now that you have clarified full range to mean floor standing, there are many other quality options.
Paradigm 90P monitor sounds good on music and movie. It can go down to 24 hz with ease.