Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars

I've been very happy with my Reference 3A Grand Veenas for quite a few years now,what did I like about them?
Well first off they are a critically acclaimed product not an unknown
Secondly I thought the parts matched the price I agreed with the value
Third they sounded like I'd read they would ,and just as they looked like they would .Full range, disappeared completely,easy to understand midrange and easy to drive.
I'm ready to take a step forward now,these will be set up in my main living space(no wife)so they must be valuable. I would like a beautiful sonic asset to live with,Dazzle me!

Break out of the mold and get something that you will live with for a very long time and love for a very long time. A speaker that will exceed your expectations. A speaker that will reward all your future equipment upgrades with improve musical enjoyment. A speaker with exceptional midrange, ( because there is no crossover to suck out the music ). 
Sure why not you say.

I would second the recommendation of the WiIlson-Benesch speaker line. If I had 10-15k to play with I would for sure be looking into the Vector, Square 5 or Square 3,
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My limited experienced suggestion is the most copied of your dynamic speaker choices. The one that hasn't been significantly changed since its inception on a count of they're that good. If your like me you won't be able to realize them fully until you get them home. 

The problem I've experienced first hand is if you run that REL sub using their fakakta high level connection, it robs good degree of delicacy from those speakers stunning sound stage. 
Well I first, do love the addition of the REL S2 .After listening to all of your suggestions I'm going to listen to the Harbeth 40.2,Acoustic Zen Crescendos,Revel Salons.But I have to say that Imaging and voices are where I need the strengths of the final design to be.Mind you these  are exactly the characteristics of the Reference 3A Grand Veenas.Like I said I'm in NewYork for the next few months.I will keep you all posted.