Best front end to go with Maggies?

I am starting a new system from scratch. What suggestions do you have for a great front end to go with MG3.6 speakers. I hope to spend less than $7000 on front end. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks
Great speakers! I drive mine with all Bryston units: BP-25MC, 2 4B-STs, 10B LT crossover set for Maggies. These may be purchased on Audiogon for very near the price you have set out to spend. The 10B-Sub would be a good crossover also. I Bi-wired with two Harmonic Tech Pro 9 runs (not bi-wire cables) when I had just one 4B-ST. I have a large room dedicated to music (6000+ cubic ft.) and the sound is excellent. This works for me but listen, if at all possible, before you buy. My listening is mostly classical and jazz. And do not forget the interconnects and speaker cables, they affect to sound a great deal. If you do not need a preamp I would recommend a CD transport/DAC or a CD player with a volume control directly connected to the amplifier.
I would go with the tubes! For under 7k, you can find couple of used VTL "monos"or...? Wadia cd player direct to amps, and you are there! Good Luck!
Jwc37. Thanks for the reply. I have been considering splurging and going with a Bryant 7b-st. Do you think bi-amping with the 4b-st is a better option? Have you heard the comparison? Thanks. Jim