'best front end' for power amp/speakers

I currently use:
*early 90s Onkyo DX-3700 CD player
*B&K 200.2 S2 power amp
*Monitor Audio GS-60 speakers

The Onkyo has a variable output control and I've used that as my volume control for many years. I find the sound quality good, and I enjoy the simplicity. That said, the player has become more susceptible to skipping, and I'm concerned that it may be time to replace it. It's had nearly a 20 year run.

I'm open to suggestions for:
*a CD player with variable outputs that I can simply replace the Onkyo with
*a standalone device (I've looked at the Naim HDX but find the price to be a bit steep) that provides lossless file playback capabilities
*some sort of PC based system that might include a PC (or netbook for control), external hard drive, DAC, and perhaps a preamp (if I must).

Thanks for your help. Hopefully I've put this in the correct forum. If there's another thread that covers this topic, I'm happy to be pointed toward that to continue my research.
Hi, always useful if you could give us an idea of your budget. Since you qualified the HDX as "a bit steep", I suppose there is some financial room for manoeuvre (?)

There are a number of threads on cdp with variable output, for instance
CD Player with Analogue Volume Controlled Output
What CD players have volume control

A very good standalone ripper/music server that may be a cheaper alternative to the Naim HDX is Olive Opus N°4 HD, but in this scenario you would still require some sort of preamp (can't make any judgement on the comparative sonic qualities of both unfortunately)

As to Mac/PC, I leave the floor to others.