Best frieght company to ship Speakers

I'm wondering who I should use to ship my spkrs when they're sold.price and care are an issue.
Uship has the best prices but you have to wait a few days for a bid. If they are well packed preferably in crates and shipped freight I've had very good experiences. Frankly it seems like the heavier and bigger the crates are the better. I just think there is less movement involved since they are so big and heavy.
Don't know about the best, but I had excellent service and pricing from Team Worldwide.
BAX Globel..I seen my dealer receive and ship from them without any problem.
Bax Global does not serve residential shippers.
I have had two palettes full of mid-size and large (200 lbs each) speakers shipped to me from the manufacturer using Yellow Freight. I have also shipped a palette contained a pair of these speakers (200 lbs each) across the US from SC to WA using Yellow Freight. Their new website is under (was
bax is now db schenker and they may pick up from your home.
call them to be sure.
pack them well.
bobby at merlin
Ive used Yellowfreight with great success many times..very reasonable
By the way, I've shipped heavy speakers 3 times without any issues. If your speakers have considerable size or weight definitely strap them to a pallet and you increase your odds of a safe delivery tenfold. I've used Dayton Freight successfully in the midwest and via had great success using R+L Carriers. will price out several different carriers and then you can choose the least expensive.
Back In February, I had a pair of JBL 4430 Studio Monitors shipped to me, and a friend helped me, by suggesting a couple, and I went with R+L Carriers.

Total weight was estimated at 350 lbs, they were nylon strapped to a full size skid, and the nice thing about R+L (make sure other shippers have this if you decide with somebody else) was that they supply thier own Pallet Jack, and the 53' Semi Trailer had a hydraulic lift gate on back. Thus, not incurring any extra cost with Fork Lifts, etc, so this is one important consideration.

Another point, is if you can have shipment go to-from a commercial address, usually the charges are less, rather than to a residential address.

R+L appeared to be quite professional, quick, and down here in the Southwest (NM), it appears Holloman AFB, and White Sands Missle Range use them as well.
Hope this helps, Mark
Yes, R+L did I nice job for me too. You will however pay extra with any carrier to have a truck with a liftgate for the pickup and the delivery. The charge will vary and isn't that high but it is an extra cost.
Best I've found is Pilot Air. A number of speaker companies use them and they are also happy to deal with consumers. They pretty much palletize everything automatically and have been a pleasure to deal with on 3 different occasions, with no issues whatsoever (including tubes).

I've also had good luck with Yellow Freight, but you HAVE to specify a pallet or else its a crapshoot.

On my "stay-away-from-them-or-they'll-break-your-speakers" list: FEDEX Ground and UPS.

Good luck.
Missioncoonery - what freight class did you use?
I worked for a while at a mailboxes etc. When we had to freight anything we used Call the number listed on the website and they are happy to give you quotes on various companies of varying prices and levels of service.
One other suggestion...regardless of freight company, you'll want to check into whether the carrier in question hands off the pallet/other shipment to another carrier in a given region of the country. I had a shipment for which everything turned out well where Yellow Freight handled the entire shipment and guaranteed the results however, when the shipment reached the WA. state area, Yellow handed off the shipment to a regional trucking company that handled parts of Oregon and Washington outside of the metro Seattle area. Everything turned out well but knowing this allowed me to ask the right questions and inform the recipient with full information on the shipment resulting in a smooth transaction for both of us...
Thanks Tvad, and therefore a second on the TeamWW recommendation.

This week I had a pair of speakers shipped in three wooden crates, totaling 350 pounds. Shipping residence to residence eliminated a couple of options, then since TeamWW's quote was among the lowest, I went with them. They used a pallet (even without my requesting it - I'll know better next time), were on time for both pickup and delivery, had lift-gate trucks, and were very helpful in arranging the shipment.