Best free Apps for music....

Kind of late to the party...but have a smart phone now...any cool internet radio apps, music apps, vinyl apps,etc...thanks...
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Well, some of the obvious ones would be Pandora and Slacker for internet radio.
I use the IPeng app to control by Squeezebox devices. It's a bit quirky sometimes, but overall I like it.
For the geekier angle of that question check out the suite of apps from StudioSix Digital

I also use iPeng as a necessary evil to control the Squeeze devices in my house (3 of them), but I absolutely HATE that interface. It is anything but instinctual to me.
Anyone know of a bberry app to run squeeze devices?
Anyone know of a bberry app to run squeeze devices?

Have you tried this?
The Drudge Report
The best app I have found is Subsonic. It's a music player that also will stream from my home server. This allows me to access any piece of music I have in my collection without storing a single file on my phone. It can stream using wireless or cellular so as long as you have one or the other, which is pretty much anywhere in the world, you have all of your music files. There are versions for Android and Iphone that I know of. I use the Android version. Just an amazing app and easily my fave.
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