Best for under $5,000.00

If you were going to buy an amp, preamp and hook them to B&W 805(non-diamond) speakers what would you buy new? I am intrigued by the new low cost tube amp stuff(I think made by Cary)that is being promoted in the Audiogon adds and wonder if I would achieve "audiophile" level using some well choosen lower cost stuff. I play CDs and ITune sources. I know the sound is no better than the source but just currous what you all would buy new (I looked at all the used stuff) if you were buying. Thanks.
I'd buy a Butler TDB-2250 2-ch. amp: tube/MOSFET hybrid design with tons of current and 250 watts/ch. As for preamsps, I'm not sure and will not make a recommendation...

does anyone have an opinion of the low priced Cary tube amps advertised in Audogon?
I don't know anyt but research reliability issues
I haven't heard the low priced Cary stuff you are talking about. I think you can be sure that Cary is not going to put low priced stuff out there that is going to compete with their high priced stuff. I think it is an effort to draw more people into 2 channel, and also a response to the reality of the current economy. I think the best bang for the buck is always buying used, but now more than ever. I've seen some nice stuff go dirt cheap recently. Its a buyers market. The only way you buy new stuff now is if it is a unique piece that almost never comes up used, or if you have a dealer who will cut you a break on a demo.
There are ways to negotiate on prices without low balling.
Brownsfan-thank you. I am not hung up on any specific brand. I just need some suggestions as to a package to purchase. There is so much stuff out there and I really would like something that is tube based and recognized equipment. There is so much to know and I simply don't know what would make up a good package. Have the money to buy but want to be smart about it. Ideas anyone?
My idea; is to reconsider using tube amps with B&W's.
Unsound, I wondered about that too. The 805's are 4 Ohm speakers and 87 dB efficient. That could also be the basis for the butler suggested above.

There would be a large number of options using a tube pre paired with a solid state power that might work well with the 805's.
Doge Clarity pre-amp should be on your short list. Here's a link to the Doge 8 which I own. The Clarity is the newer, improved model.

Pacific Valve distributes this and many other units. Joe is a stand up guy.
Not sure..

But what about Rotel?? Since they seem to be brand mates. I thought I would think of them. Unless of course it has to be Tubes??

If it has to be Tubes I would go with the Butler suggestion that "Rlwainwright" has made to have a starting point.

If it has to be an All Tube System, and I have a Speaker System like the B&W 805 Standmounter, and the Electronics cannot exceed $5000.00, then I would look at Rogue Audio and check out the Metis Magnum Preamplifier (which is an All-Tube design) and then mate it with the matching Atlas Magnum Power Amplifier.

On the other hand, for me, I would do the Rogue Audio Metis Magnum Preamplifier and then mate it to a Rotel RB-1552 Power Amplifier. That would give me an All-Tube Preamplifier with a Solid-State Power Amplifier. And then, I would design the rest of my system accordingly with other components that would bring out the best in these two main components. I would look at this as the best of both worlds. And this combination will still leave you with plenty of cash for other components or upgrades for your system.

McIntosh 275 is a great tube amp, on its 6th edition over four decades. So is Leben from Japan. Don't know your speakers but those are great tube amps.
Pass X350 amp and Aesthetix Calypso will have you set and should be more than enough to drive your speakers. You should be able to snag the pair off Audiogon for close to your budget.
Nice all in one is Hegel. Nice DAC/amp combo.
A wise choice would be the CODA CSIb integrated currently listed on Gon for $4300.00. Built like a Rolls Royce and completely made in Sacramento. Considered the most powerful
integrated on the market. Peaks at 300 amperes from both channels. Tremendous power reserve. 330 watts @8ohms and 660 watts @4ohms. Well known for driving 1ohm loads very easily. Has the all the quality of separates. Designed by former Threshold Engineers. A very rich, smooth organic sound with outstanding transparency and detail.