Best for recording records?

What is best now for recording records to save to hard disk and play back with a great dac?  Is it Korg or PS Audio NuWave?  I would not use the PS Audio as phono amp, only to record as I think Fremer is right it sounds not good as a phono amp.  Korg is a pain cause you don't record to computer, you record to it then you transfer to computer.  2 steps.  PS audio goes right to computer.  But what is best for SOUND QUALITY?  Either 24/192 or DSD 2x.
Used Alesis Masterlink records it directly onto its own hard disk or burns CDR. The playback is super as well.
 I have heard recordings made on both of the benchmark and the ayre converters, and they both sound really good, but the ayre wins out in preservation of subtle details, especially in regards to locational information  The ayre is just so darn expensive.  The benchmark does not do DSD, and it's USB output is limited to 96K. I would like to hear about comparisons between the benchmark and the PS audio if anybody has them. 
It's an enormous amount of work to digitize records (or anything else, like tapes.)  If you think about the time involved to digitize even a fraction of your collection...even a couple of thousand records is several thousand hours of work.