Best for Least: Power strip, what's best?

What do you use in terms of power strips or outlets that are both inexpensive, (< $200), and actually improve things audibly? Audible improvements can be subtractive it needs not be current in your system, but does need to be available for purchase. If used with an upgrade cord please state which one.

IN short "Who makes the best strip, for the least amount of money?" (Digital, or analog gear or both though Digital is my current main concern)

Thanks a bunch.
Anything by Hammond.

Commonly repackaged as "audiophile" and sold for much more.

Now, I assume you mean an "outlet strip" which doesn't have any power conditioning circuitry. If you mean power conditioner or surge supressor, try the "Brick Walls".
I use a pair of McIntosh MC-4 ( I think) switchable strips. Tey turn on wth a signal from a McIntosh piece and power about 5 other outlets on the strip. Quality? More interested in the convience and functionality than any nearly inaudible sound difference.
The Wiremold L10320 is another well-made, well-regarded basic power strip. It grips plugs tightly and has no switches, suppressors, or any kind of ciruitry. It's also recommended by Naim for use with their electronics (if you care). I have no complaints about mine, anyway.

Riffer, many thanks... yes I did mean without conditioning... just want to prevent some low voltage items from introducing anything bad, back into the power supply... (lots of PC peripherals, and fiber optics stuff)- I'll look into the ones you mentioned.

Brent, preciate it much... I was looking at that one today but your link is twice as good. Thanks.

What about 'ferrites'? Another respected valid source offline told me to try them./.. "McMaster Carr sells 'em", he said.
If you want a real nice one, get the PS Audio Juicebar. Hospital Grade plugs and all star wired. IEC Input.

After a system reconfiguration, I don't even use mine. I just keep it around because it is so cool:)
Highly recommend the BPT Pure Power Center. You can use your favorite power cord with it.. Also for $20 extra Chris can add some caps to isolate the duplexes from one another.
I second the Wiremold. In my system it replaced a Chang Lightspeed CLS3200 and it was an improvement. Not bad for around 50 bucks.
Adcom ACE series have served me well.
Thanks, Everybody.

As Ive a need for digital functionality, and the $200 level allows for some 'more than a strip' strips, perhaps some other 'inexpensive' power/conditioning items should be ferrited out. Pardon the pun. I was of the understanding a simple P strip would suffice... after talking to Chris at BPT yesterday, I was told otherwise. Some filtering would be necessary. Too bad. I had hoped for a cheaper fix.... so be it.

What would be a prudent choice for strickly PC - Low voltage/transformered devices? ...that would eliminate the artifacts they put into the power suppply?

Personally, I'm thinking an plug in isolation transformer from someone like Hammond, and a power strip from wiremold.... or just the iso T-form, and the current Pstrips in place now.... ???