Best footers for TEAC P-30 transport?

I am just starting to address vibration control
in my system, and I am considering starting with
the TEAC P-30 transport. Could anyone recommend
efficient footers?
Try Vibrapods! They work great and are very cheap too.
Forget the footers!
I added the Nueance platform under my Marantz SA-14 player and it transformed the quality of my CD (and SACD) playback.

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Four level to go one this based on price/performance. With each incremental upgrade the difference is clearly perceptable. But this also depends on the resolution of the rest of your system and your room.

Also, try a bag of lead shot on top of the player. Or a VPI magic brick.

1. Vibrapods or Herbie' Audio Tenderfoots ($6/per, $8/per better)
2. Final Laboratory Daruma ($99)
3. Stillpoints ($300)
4. Any of the above with the addition of a Black Diamond Racing shelf under them. ($500)
5. Or go nuts with a Grand Prix rack ($2500)