Best FM antenna around $50

Will be attached to a run of high quality coax that goes in my crawl space and outside the side of the house to the roof eave at the second floor. One that fits / hides well under the eave would be best. Live east of Seattle with foothills, etc in between.


I use the Magnum Dynalab ST-1 vertical FM antenna and have for the past 4 years. It is mounted high on my roof and I live 50 miles away from any good FM station. It has great reception and is durable. If you could spring for $114 the Magnum is a great option. Being a single stiff wire it is unobtrusive and easy to hide and has a coax connection. They also sell the indoor SR-100 which I have not tried but MD makes many good antennas and has a good reputation.
I fully agree with Tgrisham. I also have the ST-2. Mine is hose-clamped in vertical position to the outer railing of my terrace on 4th floor-top floor. I am in Metro NYC area. I can easily be mounted horizontally. Good value antenna.
I've built a couple of these DIY designs. Cost nothing if you have few feet of wire laying around. Hides behind the cabinets or mounts right on a wall.
Sorry no dx I believe the sellers name is Lake
He is selling a few antenna's here in the classifieds
Does anyone have any experience with these ?