Best floorstanding speakers under $2000

I currently have a pair of Axiom M60s, but am starting to feel the upgrade bug. I'm looking for another floorstander for rock that is under $2000 new or used and extends below 30hz. I would prefer 8" drivers if possible, but this isn't crucial as long as they go to 30hz or lower. I'm appreciate any suggestions to get my shortlist started. Thanks
Sorry to sound like a broken record but,"Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. There is no definitive "best" anything, it's all subjective. When you ask a question like this, the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system.Their suggestions may or may not be "best" for you.
Tpreaves, "the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system."

Not true. I can rattle off plenty of components I don't own, but would nominate for various "best" questions. Of course, the natural rebuttal would be, "Then why don't you own them?" Various reasons, really - cost, size, doesn't fit into my room, system synergy, etc.

I understand where you are coming from, and the intent of putting some perspective into the word, best. However, at this point, the incessant attempts to throw a wet blanket on every such conversation really does take far more away than it adds to this discussion forum.

The nature of any such hobby shows most of the hardcore transcended the objectivist paradigm. As such, most of us understand AND appreciate that the discussions that take place on this site are subjective. Yes, it's purely one's opinion. And, I for one, happen to love that.

Perhaps, I am the only one who feels this way. So be it, and as I like to say, that's why they make vanilla AND chocolate. Regardless, I feel the need to put forth my feelings on this subject. And in so doing, encourage people to be more, and not less, open and forthcoming with their opinions, perspectives, and overall high-end audio experience.
There are some great values on Aerial speakers in recent months. I have owned the 8 and the 6, currently own the 7b, all recently available in your price range. Fully agree with Trelja. With so much equipment out there and so few stores to go listen at, it helps to have a good place to start, and these discusiions can/could be fun. People are looking for information and suggestions, not to be told what to buy.
Agree w/ Tpreaves, and you really haven't given any indication of what type of sound characteristics you're looking for other than bass extension. At the very least it would be helpful to know what it is you're looking to improve over the M60s (other than bass of course). The other thing is that there probably aren't that many speakers that go that low AND DO IT WELL in this price range. Or, put another way, you run the danger of getting quantity of bass but not necessarily quality.

OK, all that said, off the top of my head I'd recommend stretching a bit and looking at something like a used Silverline Sonata or Revel Performa F52 (either of which would be a huge upgrade to your M60s assuming they sound good to you).

The other way to go that would open a world of possibilities and probably give you even better bass performance is to look for a good pair of used monitors for about $1000 and a pair of good, used subs. I was thinking along the lines of Revel, Dynaudio, etc. but there are a whole host of choices for good monitors in that price range from a wide array of quality manufacturers. Point is the more choice you have the more likely you are to truly find "the best" speaker for you rather than potentially having to accept less optimal qualities (again, for your tastes) in other performance areas just to get the bass you're looking for. Then you can add excellent bass capabilities to the monitors of your choice by adding the subs (you can use products from companies like SVS or Velodyne to help with integrating the subs with the monitors and your room).

Anyway, I've gone on too long but just wanted to pass along those thoughts. Best of luck in your search.
OP, when you say "best" do you mean in absolute terms? or just in my opinion? I always thought Klipsch was a brand that tended to appeal to those who primarily listen to rock (i.e., loud with minimal compression).

The very best floor-standing speaker, without a doubt, by any standard, is a used Merlin VSM - which is not often thought of as a rock speaker, but I think does rock quite well, even though it only goes down to 30hz or so - how much rock music actually has deep bass in the recording? Unless you are listening to electronic, I'm not the deepest bass is an essential part of typical rock recordings. Aerial speakers are also the best.
You would probably get more improvement by treating the room instead of new speakers.
The very best floor-standing speaker, without a doubt, by any standard, is a used Merlin VSM
Really? How did you come to this decisive conclusion?

Aerial speakers are also the best.
Well, is the Merlin(specific model) or the Aerial(entire line)the "best"? Inquiring minds want to know!!!
I read some of the reviews, it does seem your speakers are well made for rock. I think that Zmanastronomy is right, but it sounds like you have the itch for a change, not simple improving what you already have - true? If not, room treatment is a lot of bang for your buck in improving the performance from you system -- especially in the bass. Is that a way you might want to go? Or do you really want another speaker?
My advice is get a plane ticket to Denver next Friday and spend some time at RMAF. Get a "ears on" demo and determine what works for you and your budget.
Talon Raven or Khorus, very good.
Energy Veritas 1.8 or 2.8, very, very good.
Talon are efficient, Veritas are not.
Aerial 10T's are quite good, not efficient.
Meridian DSP-5500's, good - and have amplifiers built in.

Most, if not all of these can be had for less than $2,000!

Obviously room, gear, ears, music/usage play a factor - but I don't have a problem making these suggestions. My list above is actually the order in which I would pick from the list - and 98% of folks listening to these would be extremely happy with them.

IMO - Dan
I have Merlin TSM's and I've heard the VSM's. I agree they are among the best, but people have different rooms, ears and funny shaped heads that are part of the reason why there are so many wellc-loved speakers systems around.

When I REALLY want to rock the house I fire up the Def Tech 7004's with built in subs and augmented by twin SVS tube subs. They quite literally rock the house and are a ton of mid-fi fun. While I can hear more of a Pink Floyd recording with the Merlins, there's something very entertaining about the big Def Techs pounding along with tons of slam.

Sometimes a guy just wants rock. Now, if I want to groove, then it's up to the Merlins. ;-)

Pubul57: I would consider giving room treatment a shot. What do you recommend, bass traps in the corners? Thanks for the suggestion.
It's funny that Linaeuu66 asks this question and gets treated like a child but another poster just a few posts down asks the same question with a $3k price and gets a flood of personal opinions.

Ok, don't laugh now. Here is my humble opinion, and this comes from a guy who once spent 4 years with the Verity Audio Parsifal, a $ 13,000 speaker back then. (My review is actually still on Audiogon after all these years!)

I have owned countless speakers since, many between 2K and 7K.

My best advice would be to find a pair of Polk LSi15 speakers. The ring-radiator tweeter alone was used in many expensive speakers (Sonus Saber, Krell, and more).

It is an unbelievable steal that should cost you no more than 1K, and will put to shame MANY wannabees up to 4K and maybe more.

Better yet, if you can suffer some cosmetic issues, there is currently a pair here available for a measly $ 685.00

I don't think you can find anything around 2K that will perform at this level.

This is one I used to own and that I regret selling, simple as that.

Good luck
Linaeum66, precisely - bass traps made a HUGE difference for the better, along
with side panels to the sides and front of the speakers to absorb side
reflections - this was at least, if not more of a change, than any equipment
change I have made.

A fellow AGON'er recommended and I used stuff from,
much cheaper than audiophile specific stuff that comes with a fancy theory to
explain the price difference. This company generally sells to recording studios
etc. (professionals) where pricing and sanity are required.

No matter what speakers you have, two bass traps in the rear, and two panels
on the sides should make for a better sounding room - you can do more than
that, but that is a good basic start.
My Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods have a low end spec above 30 but they have a useful extension lower than the -3dB point because of their transmission line design. So my suggestion is to give them a listen if you get the chance -- they will be considerably lower than your price point -- or make a mental note to look out for TL designs.
Agree with "Sonicbeauty" The Polk Lsi 15 is a fantastic
speaker! I owned a pair in the past and had a Wyred 4 Sound
amp on them. Pure magic!!!