Best Floorstander Under 10K?

This thread is prompted by another that started to head in this direction. I've been looking for over a year for an attractive floorstanding speaker with outstanding musicality in a two channel application. Much of what I've heard has been pretty disappointing--barely or not at all bettering my Harbeth Compact 7's at $2500. I'm interested in hearing from folks who are passionate about their floorstanders. These could be current production or something from past years that provides excellent sound and value. Perhaps I've missed the diamond in the rough. My listening room has grown to 26 X 14 X 9 and I really would like to find something the wife will find attractive/unobtrusive and provide a fuller sound but preserving the "rightness" of the Harbeths. Any thoughts?
dodgealum it turns out that Focus *can* make the FS-888 (or any other Signature Series speaker) in a satin wood finish (instead of the gloss). It does take a longer lead-time (2-3 months), but it does not cost any extra. Note that the gloss finish does act as a cabinet damper, so the satin wood finish will sound a little softer than ones with the gloss finish. However, according to the folks at Focus, some people actually prefer the sound!

Most readily available for wood choices are the birds-eye maple and rosewood finishes that they make for the Focus Classic Series (see to see what those look like).
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As to the best speaker under 10K one issue haunting the audio industry today, is the lack of products under 10K which are really worthy--hence the consumer flight to the used marketplace. They are seeking quality, but unable (perhaps unwilling) to pay the prices of some products.
One thing I taught sales people in my seminars which is on point here, is the formula for purchasing, which, in a fit of maybe Cabernet I came up with. Which is: M+M@VP=S, which when translated means, "money plus motivation at the moment of value perception equals a sale. It seems that more and more, the flight to used gear shows that more people feel that value is gained in the used market.
After working the sales floor of my own store for 11 years, then traveling the country, I saw many people swallow hard at the pricing of some of the loudspeakers.
At least places like Audiogon allow for the resale, at a bargain price of loudspeakers, so the first owner can upgrade, and the second owner can buy 'better' perceived product.
It would be interesting, perhaps astounding, to know a mfrs'. costs of drivers, x'overs and cabinets for some respected high end speakers in the, say, $20-40K/pair range. I realize there's more than component costs involved.

Which mfrs. have the highest markup from factory to distributor?
Probably Bose, as a percentage to gross retail versus gross cost of goods.
They were using, what had to be one of the least expensive drivers around in the 901's--and the were made in Kentucky.
The drivers, I was told, cost them about $3.00 each. Don't get me wrong, profit is not a dirty word, but it is a sad commentary that if you asked 100 typical people to name a speaker company that is high quality, Bose always comes up.
Just today, my attorney asked me if my speaker is "I better than Bose?" I laughed.
That profit is applied to the advertising budget making that product's perceived value to be much greater than the total sum of all its parts..After all the end user bought the product based on perception often conceived by someone else.The end user's purhcase is fuel for the next product cycle.And so life goes on..Tom