Best Floorstander Under 10K?

This thread is prompted by another that started to head in this direction. I've been looking for over a year for an attractive floorstanding speaker with outstanding musicality in a two channel application. Much of what I've heard has been pretty disappointing--barely or not at all bettering my Harbeth Compact 7's at $2500. I'm interested in hearing from folks who are passionate about their floorstanders. These could be current production or something from past years that provides excellent sound and value. Perhaps I've missed the diamond in the rough. My listening room has grown to 26 X 14 X 9 and I really would like to find something the wife will find attractive/unobtrusive and provide a fuller sound but preserving the "rightness" of the Harbeths. Any thoughts?
You may want to visit your local Vandersteen dealer again. In addition to the Model 5s he will have Quatros this summer. They are essentially the head unit of a Model 3 with a built in 2WQ sub on either side (this is a great simplification for the sake of brevity). If you like the Model 5 this will be a slightly smaller speaker in some respects.

Still, it's too bad the 5 is too big for you. I think it takes up about the same floor space as any other high quality speaker.

Good luck!
Dodgealum, if the Vandy Model 5s are too big, then wouldn't the Response 3.8s or D38s be also?

Re WB Curves: from, excuse the source, HiFi Choice: "However, the Curve is also leaner than the ACT through the broad midband, 150-600Hz, so that a 700Hz-1kHz peak - visible on both - stands out as rather more isolated and obvious. The result is clearly audible as a rather less neutral balance overall, the Curve sounding thinner with less harmonic richness, especially with wideband orchestral material. Speech shows a similar character, with clarity and articulation, and lots of explicit detail, but also some leanness and lack of 'chest' on male voices in particular." Not a great endorsement of a $7,300 speaker.
Don't bother with the WB Curves... If you're going to get Wilson Benesch's, you have to get at least the ACT's.

Which you should be able to get for about $10K from a dealer if you really push. ($12K retail)

The Curves just do not have enough bass.

My two cents.