Best Floorstander Under 10K?

This thread is prompted by another that started to head in this direction. I've been looking for over a year for an attractive floorstanding speaker with outstanding musicality in a two channel application. Much of what I've heard has been pretty disappointing--barely or not at all bettering my Harbeth Compact 7's at $2500. I'm interested in hearing from folks who are passionate about their floorstanders. These could be current production or something from past years that provides excellent sound and value. Perhaps I've missed the diamond in the rough. My listening room has grown to 26 X 14 X 9 and I really would like to find something the wife will find attractive/unobtrusive and provide a fuller sound but preserving the "rightness" of the Harbeths. Any thoughts?
Reimer, reimer, reimer. I have A pair of Tetons being made right now. They are full range 15hz-25khz and AWESOME. 95DB efficient, bass to die for, with musicality I have never heard from a speaker in any price range. I recomend trying to audition the wind rivers, or the tetons, then stop and enjoy the music.
I don't want to sound like a broken record here but.....The Tyler Linbrook System really is an outstanding speaker. I have the front ported one piece speaker. I've had B&W Matrix 801 S3, Von Schweikert vr4 jr, and JM Labs Electra 926, in my room at one time or another. The Linbrooks win. I had a hard time believing that these were going to be the speaker to stop me from looking - but after they broke in - I was sold. Mid's and high's are beautiful and well balanced. Bass is tight AND deep. The bass was my biggest concern following the 801's. I didn't think there was enough slam or weight, but now after break in, I feel as though I'm missing nothing, as far as bass is concerned. Plus the sound stage is huge, and the speakers are easy to place, in the room, as well. Plus they do look beautiful. In case you can't tell, I really like 'em. :-) Great speaker for twice the money, and Ty is one of the best Agon dealer's I've dealt with.
Dodgealum, not knowing what music genres or part(s) of the audio spectrum you favor, I suggest the following two current models for MUSICALITY, accuracy, balance and long-term enjoyment with your ARC system:

"Equation 25" (

"Stonehenge" (

Equations are beautifully finished and provide more apparent but not boosted bass and are more forgiving; however, Stonehenges have a wonderful presence and reproduce anything, bass included, that's on the recording.

Stonehenges are very efficient and mate well with quality SS and, especially, tube gear. Since you're a vinyl fan, you'll hear things on your LPs you didn't know were there.

Both speakers' cabinets are very well made, contain top quality drivers, wire and crossovers and are great values.

Good luck!
Tyler Acoustics Woodmeres. While 6 feet tall, they are only 18 inches wide and deep. Being front ported, I've been able to place mine quite close to the front wall. Very unobtrusive physically though the looks always draw the attention of visitors. The pictures don't do justice. Oh, the sound? Very natural with either solid state or tubes. The dual 10 inch Seas woofers give the most realistic rendering of bass notes I've ever heard.

Good luck, whatever you choose.

Thanks to everyone and keep the suggestions coming! I've researched a few of the lesser known brands and am happy to have widened my horizons. To those that suggest I keep the Harbeths--I hear you. If it were not for their unattractive appearance and the newly decorated living area, I would be set for life with the Compact 7's. A truly superb speaker, particularly for the money. Vandy 5's are nice, I've heard them and like them a lot. Just too big for the space. To be honest, I'm a little fearful of the Tyler speakers--seems like he just pops the same drivers in different size boxes. Without being able to hear them I'm not comfortable going there. The Krell Resolution seems interesting. I'll try to find those. What about these which no one has mentioned--any thoughts:

Proac D38
Aerial Acoustics 7B
Ruark Solstice
Wilson Benesch Curves

I've heard all but the Curves and D38 (but did hear the old 3.8). Any opinions on these as possible options given my equipment and love of the Harbeth sound?