Best floorstander at $2k or less?

Currently have KEF Reference Model 2s as my mains and am wondering what else is out there in the $2k and under range new or used? They would be in a med/large room with good space on the sides and I could go about 1.5ft behind. Music tastes are varied, mostly chill/downtempo sort of stuff with a mix of other easy listening. My amp is a Parasound A23 Halo. I’ve got an HSU VTF-3 MK 2 subwoofer for mostly HT duty so I’d like to get something that I can match a center to as well as they will see some HT use at times (80/20 music/HT).

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the used market for speakers such as Legacy Classics/Sig IIIs, KEF Reference Model 3.2s even Polk Audio LSi15s. Any other good ones to keep an eye out for?

Thanks for any input.
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 KEF R series.  I am very happy with the R700, you should be able them used in your price range.
Used Focal Aria 926 if you can find them.  I've heard a LOT in this price range and nothing touches them.
Vandersteen 2a sigs, or 3a sigs(used). The latter would have more bass, but both would be enhanced with subs.
Totem used?
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Triton 5s are $2K new and Triton 7s are $1,400. I have the 7s. They are an excellent speaker for a wide range of music. Check out the reviews.
Second vote here for the Tritons. 

Thanks for the input,

I figured there are a bunch of choices and no definitive targets so I'm going to keep trolling the used market. I like my KEFs so I'm in no hurry.