best floor in listening room

My listening room is typical...walls are painted dry wall, 9-foot ceilings, a couple windows, fireplace and a couch or two. Currently the floor is carpeted but my wife would like a wood floor. I am concerned about adding another hard reflective surface to the listening area. Any thoughts?
Its all about overall synergy.

Any floor is fine long as you put things in place accordingly. Wood floors will tend to interact with sound and be more lively than most others. So proceed accordingly. Less speaker, like a smaller monitor, may be more in such a case. Its like making just have to mix the right ingredients. My preference is towards a more inert floor to start with if possible. Thin padded carpet over solid concrete foundation is best.
Be gentleman and please your lady.
Put some rug in the middle to dampen the wood floor and leave happy.
Ah, I think I get it. It's easier to change the system than the wife. Many good monitors out there. Thanks, folks.
I have hardwoods with thick wool carpet in the center. Your room will get more live. Add more treatment to tone it down to your liking. Let the wife help you pick out the colors and designs. She'll love it.
Wood floor is fine when using throw rugs, or best of all use an oriental rug. And have some soft furniture arranged around the room.
Thanks for the insights, and counseling,
Lowrider is correct.
I was a tad angry when my wife bought a 5k oriental rug from Macys .
Till I heard what it did for my system, best tweak ever.
Schubert; now add that $5k into the cost of your system.
For $5k I can make a trip to one of the so far open countries of Middle East, buy Persian rug $250...500 and return back after spending some time(love to travel there!). You can also get there best quality camelwool blankets and bunch of other precious goods. You can also void Macys' 10...20x markup by visiting persian quilt shops in NYC where you'll only need $1000...1500 for same.
But you often are not getting the real stuff, just some Russian made junk.