Best Flexible Digital player around $1000

I am a dedicated vinyl listener and have not had a CD player in my system for 4-5 years. I have a lot of music on CD's and new music that I really like that is not available on vinyl. So I am looking for a great CD player that will also provide some flexibility for streaming/computer audio in the future. I have looked at the Marantz 8004 which seems to provide for all of this for about $1000 but I know there are other options. Thanks for your help.
Well, let me be the first to recommend the Oppo 103/103D/105/105D models.  You can read all about them using Google, many folks find them to be a great value.  And I can personally testify to the outstanding quality of Oppo's customer support, the best in the business!
Ditto to that.  The Oppo 103 (if you'll use a digital connection) or 105 (if you'll use RCA cables to connect with your amp) is a no-brainer choice.  And don't be afraid to use top-notch cables with the Oppo, it's definitely worth it.
So are the OPPO products better than a PlayStation 3?
By "flexible" do you mean capable of playing multiple formats or have other capabilities?  If you are looking for a universal player, the Oppo 105 is certainly hard to beat, particularly with streaming and a great DAC. 

If you are only playing red book CDs, I think a dedicated CDP will sound better.  There are some great used options that you can find for around $1k.
It appears to me that your are looking for a dedicated CD player that provides access to its’ DAC. If this is true I would go the route of a dedicated CD player. The Marantz products are highly thought of, the 8004 has been replaced by the 8005 which sells for $1200 retail. I would think a 8004 would sell for appreciable less (once $1000 retail). What is the status on the one you are considering?

That said, Oppo is always highly recommended as a universal player. and If I was looking or one I would buy an Oppo.