Best Flat Screen TV

I am considering purchasing a flat screen tv. Does anyone have personal experience with use of such tv's in "normal" home environment rather than in optimized showroom. I am not going to set up a full home theater, but my two channel system will be integrated with tv and dvd player. My viewing room will have considerable light during the day.
I have a Sony Wega 32" XBR and I love it I just wish I had the room for the 36". If you thinking about a plasma or a Rear projector you will have problems in a bright room. If you have alot of windows get better blinds or stick with a direct view set.
If you are looking for an analog CRT and plan on using your DVD the only one you should consider is the Sony XBR (32"& 36") as it is the only one that will optimize an anamorphic disc. You will also notice a nice improvement with the 3DY/C digital comb which the FS and FV models don't include. Good luck and have fun.
Hi, If you are not in a big hurry, wait. SONY will be releasing a new series of Flat Tubes this fall. If you are interested in hearing about them E-mail me. Good Luck Heath-