Best Firewire converter to S/PFIF


I hope you all are well.

Although I have been a hifi nerd since 1974, I have to admit I am not a computer specialist. More the oposite I am afraid. I have subsribed to Spotify which in its Premium stream music at 360. I addition to this I am also searching out hi rez sites.

I have decided to go for the Firewire route. I have a Burmester 061 CD player with 3 digital inputs, and plan to use my Compaq 8510w which has a Firewire 1394a output. If I have understood correctly I need a device which convert the Firewire to S/PFIF. I have read that Focusrite Sapphire is good (TAS). A record engineer I know reccommends RME Fireface and MOTU-UltraLite-MK3FireWire-audio-interface as good candidates.

What do you reccommend?

As equipment I have Burmester 051 amp, Burmester 061 cd player, Wilson Sophia 2, etc.

Cheeers and thanks!