Best finger food for audiophile listening

Some audiophile friends are coming over for a listen to my system in a few days. I've served food like cheese, sliced cucumbers, humus, olives, and french bread and brie, but was wondering what else people feel goes well with listening sessions.
Something with a load crunch
Scotch and big sandwiches
A couple of 2 foot long submarine sandwiches cut into smaller pieces from your favorite shop and a cooler full of craft brews.

If you are feeling ambitious, a de-boned turkey breast rolled around roasted Anaheim Chilies and Assiago cheese cooked on the grill and sliced into medallions served with french bread and a nice cold Riesling.

No food in the listening room though. Somebody always spills...
If spinning vinyl, licorice pizza seems appropriate.
Personally, I find it too hard to eat and appreciate a great listening experience at the same time.

But I do imbibe.

A good glass of Pinot Noir does the trick for me. I just slowly savor it with the music.

All the best,
Depending on the anticipated length of your sessions; you MAY want to go easy on the humus and cheeses. Transient, spontaneous ambiance anomalies are likey to occur otherwise.
In my opinion, chewing and listening don't go together. I'm all for the craft brew option though!
BONG full of premium quality herbs will enhance and tweak your listening. It removes most of the undesirable glitches from your playback once you get a good hit and relax. It's very good if you chase it with beer or wine too:-). It may increase your appetite for finger food and in this case my favorite is roasted salted asian peanuts in shell.
My audiophile guests are welcome to use my BONG a true custom glasswork!
Why is BONG all caps? Is is an abbreviation for something? I always thought it was some kind of asian word...
cuz it's BIG
from experience, DO NOT serve saucy meatballs if you have white carpet! Especially if there is a lot of alcohol involved.....

They do make pretty lines as they roll off the plate across the carpet........
Greasy stuff, like potato chips, especially with vinyl. Then Jack Daniels, lots of it so no one will care about the smudges.
Anything that doesn't crunch when you munch.
Swedish meatballs - no noisy crunch - nice and squishy.
Scotch and cigars
None. I am shocked that you would consider food in your listening room, let alone drink. Your listening room should be sterile, like a 'clean room' at a data center. i have heard that food and drink only diminishes the about to listen. Harry said so, so it must be true.
Harry said so, so it must be true.

There's something to be said about regimen
and those who think it should be observed...:-)

All the best,
Harry said so, so it must be true.

Ahh, but WWMD?
What Would ___ Do?
Cold mess, no prep, quiet, and appreciated by all.
Ears of corn.
I usually serve mana, but my mana maker is currently in the process of being
upgraded to the SE version.
Can mana get you nirvana?
Lady Fingers?