Best finds at garage sale or similar establishment

I recently found a 1990's model yamaha cassette deck (three heads, bias control, etc.) at a goodwill for $13.00. While clearly out of step with my VPI, VTL, and Martin Logan gear, I still listen to tapes in the car and wanted something decent to record some of my 4000 + Lp collection. I find it remarkable that something that cost so little can provide so much pleasure. I was curious if any of my fellow goners have had a similar experience with cheap finds.
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I scored a Linn Axis with Akito tonearm for something like $100 once.
Klipsh KG4 Loudspeakers ,mint cond. ( $10 ) Sansui Au 517 int.Amp and Matching Tuner Tu 517. $5 for both .....KLH 6 speakers $1...Many many more....Estate sale are by far the best....
Altec Lansing 604E with matching serial #'s..$5.00..
They had been stored in a barn for 25 years.
The owner was very happy to get rid of them.

I seem to remember this topic here before and there were a few comments about "stealing from the poor unsuspected sellers".
This seller lived in a house around the 500-700k range and was a lawyer ,not a poor widow who's husband just died.
An added bonus.
I bought a pr. of Quad 57 from a middle aged lawyer for 750. Then he ask if I'd want the Marantz Modle 8 tube amp and McIntosh 71 tuner for an additional 150 for the pair. The amp was gone though as well as the tuner for about 200 more. 1,100. for the set, the Quads were perfect.
I guess we should ALL go to garage sales more often instead of buying on A'gon. Makes it hard to get "big bucks" on A'gon with posts like this.
3 Integrated`s, During the same Summer, a Scott 299D $20 "needs a tube, everyone knows they don`t make tubes anymore, $20 OK?)

Scott 222C, $30,

Fisher KX-200, "I don`t know if it works, how about $5.00?"
All 3 , plug and play, exept for that tube they no longer make.
I just bought a Pioneer SX990 w/preamp outs for $10 off ebay. The seller accidently listed it as buy it now instead of starting auction price. I also recently bought a Teac A 3340 S rtr for $80, is that a decent price ?
Has any of you ever scored an 10-year old Accuphase preamplifier in pristine condition for $100? Or an older but working pair of Wilson WATT/Puppies for just $500?
One caveat: sometimes goods are sold without ever knowing their true source...

I recently bought a Nakamichi cassette deck from a local stereo repair shop then went shopping for cassettes. The
local used record store was selling them for 4/$100. All
my old favorites were there, many still unwrapped with prices to $13.99 each! 4/$1, Ridiculous.
Several years ago, I found a pair of Scott LK-72 intergrated amps in a dumpster here at work - all original tubes and both still work. Free.

Just an update. While browsing through the cassettes at a local thrift shop I found ALL the Beatles cassettes that someone must have dropped off that day, in mint condition. A couple days later I looked through the cassette carriers and found the original carrier/holder for the entire set. I paid 37 cents for each cassette and $2.99 for the carrier. My lucky day!
I bought a box of LPs (82 total) from an estate sale for $12.00. I kept 51 of them that interested me and were in pristine condition and donated the rest to Goodwill.
Found 10 DECCA WIDE band LPs.
Bought the second model of the Sony Betamax VCR at a thrift shop on the Oregon coast. It was dusty, but otherwise in perfect condition. Gave it a good cleaning; and since I was in the professional video editing and distribution business, I was also able to test it for playback and recording quality. It worked perfectly, though the mechanical switch contacts needed a good cleaning.
Had it in my office as a display piece for a few years. Eventually sold it to the manager of a local TV station that collected vintage video equipment. Sold it for $500.00; which was a huge markup from the $20.00 I originally paid for it!
i really love thrift store. I go on a regular basic.
I sold a lot of thing but keep:
A Sanyo serie plus T-35 tuner $7.50
A Belkin av pure power conditionner Mint $24.50
A Yamaha M40 FREE--- Local web add for free stuff.
A Acoustic Reseach AR 3 pair/$10.00??? My BEST SCORE
A Royal Doulton Jug collectible Mint $3.50
A TAG HEUER Formula 1 watch authentic $3.50
A Alvarz acoutic guitar Made St-louis, USA $19.50
I'm a yard sale maniac. Best deals Toby jug $1.00, Fisher 500 C receiver $1.00, 300 RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence LPs $900.
I Picked up a pair of B&W 804s for $800.00. Just my luck.