Best female vocals on CD

Want recommendations for Female recordings on CD. Thanks Joe
Edie Brickell, Erykah Badu
Try Carrie Newcommer--The Age of Possibility or (her second best in my ears) My True Name. Good voice. Good but not great recordings. Great lyrics--they will grow on you. I can't stand a pretty voice with nothing to say. So phoooooey on impeccably recorded passionless CDs.
Re: "open" - the Cowboy Junkies new self-produced item - I take BACK my recommendation - it is their poorest to date, with only one acceptably good song. I believe that they may have lost their way!

Edie Brickell is goo, but EDIE READER is fantastic! Try "Mirmana" for starters - an especially clear voice with great productions!
You need to dig deep into Ella Fitzgerald's catalogue. Try "Take Love Easy" with Joe Pass (especially the JVC XRCD). Also any of the Verve Songbooks, or live albums.
Check out June Christy--especially "Something Cool." Next try "The Song Is June!" Excellent "cool jazz" vocals.
Has anyone mentioned Peggy Lee? Aside from various greatest hits releases, try "Latin Ala Lee" released on DCC.
Can someone please recommend where to find a Margo Timmons CD? I am very interested after reading all this, but have been unable to find even a single recording.
Puresource, just look under "Cowboy Junkies"...I guess that you have not realized Margo is the lead singer of said Canadaian group...kind of a family operation. However, avoid their latest titled "Open"...instead go for "Lay It Down" or "The Trinity Sessions".

Besides, I also like Lucinda Williams' just released album titled "Get Right With God" preaching...but a sound and poetry in the "Junkies" idiom. Enjoy!
Jane Monheit - Come Dream with Me. Trust me, you'll like it.
Here are a few I have not seen mentioned Annie Hayden /The Rub, maybe hard to find but well worth the effort. Kritin Hersh / Sunny Border Blue, from my point of view the best of the year so far. Then there is old favorites Lori Carson and Lisa Germano to name a few.
Vinylsaur: Waycool, another Annie Haslam fan! I recently picked up Live at Carnegie Hall in perfect condition. I saw her many years ago ... she was nursing a very sore throat, and still sounded amazing.
Didn't get a chance to read all and don't think it has been mentioned - Sade. Listen to the song "Is It a Crime". Great concert on DVD too.
Eva Cassidy is excellent, especially for an untrained singer, but Sabina Sciubba who is on the Naim label is trmendous. Dale
Shawn Colvin "A Few Small Repairs"...I'm not sure I would call her the "Best" Female vocalist around but Shawn Colvin sure has a beautiful and unique voice that sounds incredible through good tubes.
For new stuff I can't get enough of Susan Tedeschi or Shelby Lynne.
I find Cowboy Junkies too slow - nice voice but by the end of a CD I'm almost asleep!
Recently got a Linda Perry CD (in flight) and its amazing. Her vocals are strong and songs great. I also like johnette napol... (concrete blonde) especially the first (self titled) album & a good mix on "still in Hollywood".

I think alot are voting on Margo's looks not sounds - I think Linda Perry comes out on top in both catagories!
One of my favorite songs is from a relatively obscure singer named Sara Jahn. I first heard the song crucible on a compilation CD put out by a St. Louis rock station. I recently acquired her CD & although the song has changed somewhat, her voice has matured. I was reading through some of the earlier posts (i.e. Diana Krall) & like DK, her voice conveys the emotion without scientific explanation. Side note: I attended a wedding not long ago & asked the DJ to play Diana Krall. He was surprised that I even knew her name, but while the music was playing I looked around the room & noticed everybody was enjoying it.
You should try Fiona Apple!
Old school-Etta James. Country-Patsy Cline. Sixties-Janis Joplin. Seventies-Anne Wilson/Stevie Nicks. Eighties-Pat Benatar/Kate Bush. Nineties-Allison Krauss/Sarah McClaughlin. 2000+-Christina Aguilera. Take your pick. My personal fave is Anne Wilson but I love them all.
My top 4:
1. Diana Krall
2. Eva Cassidy
3. Nancy Wilson
4. Jane Monheit
Try Rebecca Pidgeon (The Raven) SACD is beyond discription!
Let me apoligize ahead of time because I'm going to have to say bjork.
Before anyone replies, I say bjork simply because no matter how much electronica is in her music her voice sounds more real to me.
Please proceed with your barrage of negative remarks
Let me throw in a new about Tracy Thorn of Everything but the Girl. Silky, sultry, sexy, et al.
Check out Rebecca Pidgeon, "The Raven". By Chesky Records. It is old but it is very good. I would also recommend Jennifer Warnes, The hunter.
a few not mentioned yet

Susan McKeon
Suzanne Vega
Lucinda Williams
Natalie Merchant
Liz Phair
My personal favorite-Patty Larkin-try "Regrooving the Dream" or "Strangers World". Just saw her live in a 260 seat venue-remarkable voice and acoustic guitar playing.
Diana Krall is young and loves to try all kinds of different sounds within her scope. I find that exciting and genuine. How can you compare her to "great singers of all time" when she is quite new in comparison. Allison Kraus, Shawn Colvin and Joni Mitchell are some others. Sarah Vaughn and Ella, Anita O'day, Aretha Franklin are in another catagory and all can really connect. But right now? Diana Krall has me feeling anew. And you can't beat those recordings.
Ethereal voice. Heartily recommended
Bebel Gilberto-if you're into the Brazilian thing.Great recording too.
Check out the Fiona Apple "Tidal" CD. Song #5 is "Slow Like Honey". I've never heard this song on the radio, it is my REFERENCE CD now whenever I show off my 2 channel system, or check out a new component. The imaging is the best I've ever heard. Even my friends who don't like her singing that much agree, it is an EXCELLENT piece for audiophile critical listening...
Try the CD "Felt Mountain" by the group Goldfrapp.

It's one of my top 5 CDs...
Christina Branco, Eden Atwood. Great recordings. Branco sings in Portugese, but it doesn't detract from the musical experience. My wife saw Atwood in a late night jazz club in Chicago; immediately ordered all her CDs.
Add Alicia Keys to the List.
Diana Krall, Amanda McBroom, Rebecca Pidgeon, Patricia Barber, and Nat King Cole are my best female vocal list.
Don't forget Nina Simone, Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin and Neko Case!
Come on, guys! What about Diane Schurr"?
What a relief!! My taste in music is validated after all. It seems nobody in the general public recognizes my best tunes. This was a fun thread to cruise, many of my favorites have been mentioned repeatedly. Fortunately, I do have a couple of additions for your consideration:

Susan Werner..."Time Between Trains" and "Last of the Good Straight Girls" very fine recordings and a excellent voice. She is also great live, catch her for a wonderful envening.

Allison Krauss..."Forget About It" among others; often with the bluegrass band Union Station. Beautifully sweet, liquid vocals,and a damn fine fiddle player, too!

Kelly Flynt of Dave's True Story..."Sex without Bodies"; in the finest smoky lounge singer tradition ala Holly Cole or Sara K. And an amazing Chesky recording to boot.

So, there...cost you well under a hundred bucks, Enjoy.

Best regards
Very "Chesky" in your tastes @ Bart!
Also add Rebecca Pidgeon "Fhear a Bhata"
It will be interesting to summarize this thread to find out who got the most vote in these more than 300 openions.
Diane Schuur has been one of my favorites. A couple of her CDs are super. I just a couple weeks ago discovered Stacy Kent and plan to buy all of her CDs this weekend.
What a great list, however I didn't see my favorite and it's a real shame if nobody thought to mention ANITA BAKER! listen to The Songstress album. What a voice!
Natalie Imbruglia, Shawn Colvin, Jill Sobule, Aimee Mann, Karen Carpenter, Lulu, and, of course, Rebecca Pidgeon.
Patricia Barber is the BEST..her "Modern Cool" & "Cafe Blue" are just awesome. Other favorites are Rickie Lee Jones, Linda Perry, Sade..
How could I have forgotten..Tracy Thorn..
Give Alison Krause a listen. Any of her last 3 disc are very well done.
Celia Cruz, the "Queen of Latin Music". She could sing 'A capella' with a full Latin orchestra behind her during her youth. Pretty incredible feat, isn't it? I don't think any other female singers get close to her prowess at the genre, with the exception of Yolanda Rivera of "La Sonora PonceƱa" and India, which happens to be her student...