Best female vocals on CD

Want recommendations for Female recordings on CD. Thanks Joe
TSK TSK TSK!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!! How can you all forget the very talented and active Dianne Reeves? Her recent live album was nominated for a grammy and to mention a few of my favorites like My Valentine on the Palo Alto Sessions album. Also, the "Quiet after the storm" album offers tracks #9 In A Sentimental Mood and #10 Both Sides Now. Her "I Remember" album offers #2 Misty which is absoulutley gorgeous! trks #8 & #9 titled "You Taught My Heart To Sing and For All We Know". Power, lushness and sweetness comes to mind just off the top. She has just released an album dedicated to Sarah Vaughn by singing some of her greatest hits. Don't sleep on this currently active and beautiful singer!!!
Maybe try the "Trio's" discs, with Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton. Anytime you have discs where Linda Ronstadt has the roughest voice, you are doing well. I agree with the consensus the Margo Timmins has the moist, sorry I mistyped that, most unbelievable voice out there currently. I remember clear as day the first time I heard "Trinity Sessions", hanging out with some friends late on a Friday, trying to recover from their version of Sweet Jane, and then I get hit with her vocal on "Postcard Blues". Pity the harmonica pierces your eardrum after you are drawn in.

I just picked up the "Live at the World Cafe Disc" put out by WXPN the local "non-commercial" station in Philadelphia, and I really like Susan Tedeschi and the woman in the band Shivaree which is on the disc.

If Cornfedboy reads this, is the Classics Gold version of "Trinity Sessions" still in print?
Kasey Chambers, Lucinda Williams, Debbie Davies
laura fygi,diana krall,shirley horne,holly cole,cassandra wilson are my picks BUT everything has to do with how good it was recorded because there are so many irresponsible recording engineers out there that will break or make the song, performance,and ambience of the recording. i am concerned that many recording engineers MUST use the right recording hardware including cables in order to preserve the emotions in a recording. bottom line shirley horne can sound like janis joplins recordings in the 70s if it is not done right.