Best female vocals on CD

Want recommendations for Female recordings on CD. Thanks Joe

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Sade, super sultry carribean soul, start with greatest hits but any album is great. Cranberries 1st two albums are beautiful. Everyone should have one Loreena McKinnet, try "The Visit" or "Mask & Mirror". Enya "Paint the sky with Stars" is beautiful surreal trip.
If you have only one opera CD, get the new remastered Joan Sutherland "Art of the Prima Donna" a career anthology with absolutely astonishing vocal is hard to imagine any modern singer equal this definitve collection! Joni Mitchell "Court and Spark" new HDCD remaster leaves "Blue" in its shadow sonically......although I am not a Joni fan.......I just sampled clips from Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Session" think I will make a new purchase, very nice.....