Best female manly voice?

I am a high school teacher, and at lunch a group of students eat lunch in my room. I usually try to play different kinds of music just to expose them to something other that MTV and the Top 10. After listening to Cassandra Wilson for a while one day, one student remarked, "For a woman, she has the best man's voice I've heard." And he wasn't making fun---he went out and bought a CD.
Nina Simone perhaps. Power, bite, grit but musical. She died recently. Or Judy Henske; listen to her 'Baltimore Oriole' cut. New one would be Thea Gilmore, she has great lyrics.
Moms Mabley
Marianne Faithfull. Heroin is great for gritty pipes.
How about Ru Paul ? : )
Perhaps Edit Piaf, but hard to find descent or restored recording.
Moms Mabley? 4yanx your age is showing. However, just remembering her means your memory is as young as ever :--0)
Proud to say that Nina Simone was born in Tryon NC,about 4 miles from where I live. Yes, she could really hit the low notes.
...Not as low as Nina Hagen that also hits the very high notes as well...
etta james
tanita tikaram
How about Lucille Ball and Suzanne Pleshette! Heheh.

I remember about twenty years ago while listening to KROQ here in Los Angeles, Poorman asked, "who's that dude singing?" It was Alison Moyet.

Every time a friend of mine puts Nina Simone on the CD player at work, to get a rise I always ask, "who's that dude?"


I've always noticed that talented educators, people who care about their students and their work always seem to have students that want to spend time with them. You must be a pretty cool teach.
Etta James? Sounds manly? On what recording can that be heard? :-)

Mt10425, I can show my age most clearly by looking in the mirror! ;-) Moms was a classic. Would never fly today, though.
Nathan Lane
Shout out to Phyllis Diller!
Phyllis Diller???? She looked good, but could she sing?
Hardly manly, but Sarah Vaughn did have a true four octave range; baritone to soprano.
Bea Arthur.....
Everyone knows Bea Arthur was a man baby!
Who said Moms Mabley? You so funny....
Wayne Newton
Koko Taylor...
Bea Arthur! Moms Mabley!!!!!!! Wayne Newton!


Great answers!