Best female jazz vocalist song /disc live setting

I am looking for the one song by a female jazz vocalist in a live setting that you would take with you to audition a system. I am interested in both ballads and swing. I have one I especially like by Ella Fitzgerald "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" on the three cd collection "First Lady Of Song". I have always liked the live jazz recordings with the energy between the vocalist, the band and the audience. I own a multi-disc player with no phono. Please keep that in mind when giving me ideas. Whatever input you can give me would be helpful.
Dianna Krall - Live in Paris
I would never ever take just one song with me to audition potential new gear. I do find it extremely difficult to come up with just one song to answer your question so might I suggest you take a listen to the following complete disc's and possibly select something you like. All though these do not fall dierctly into "live Jazz" they are "live" recordings that are very well done. I do believe many here would concure that these are well worth a listen.

- Eva Cassidy, Live at blues alley
- Ruthie Foster, Stages

Good luck to you.
Here are some suggestions for female jazz vocal recordings. Not all are "live", but all are good for auditioning equipment. More importantly, all feature great music!

1. Sarah Vaughn: a) Live at Mr. Kelly's; b) Send In The Clowns (with Count Basie Orch.)
2. Carmen McRae: a) Carmen Sings Monk; b) Fine And Mellow
3. Ella Fitzgerald: a) Ella In Berlin: Mack The Knife (live); b) A Perfect Match: Ella and Basie
4. Eva Cassidy: Live at Blues Alley
5. Ernestine Anderson: Never Make Your Move Too Soon
6. Patricia Barber's live recordings
7. Diana Krall's live recordings (such as her Paris concert)
8. Dinah Washington: Dinah Jams
9. Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown
10. Betty Carter: a) Inside Betty Carter; b) Look What I Got
11. Diane Schuur: a) Diane Schuur & The Count Basie Orch.; b) In Tribute
12. Cassandra Wilson: a) Blue Light 'Til Dawn; b) New Moon Daughter
13. Nina Simone: a) Nina Simone in Concert; b) 'Nuff Said
14. Shirley Horn: a) I Remember Miles; b) You're My Thrill
15. Cleo Laine: Cleo at Carnegie Hall
16. Abbey Lincoln: You Gotta Pay The Band

And, last but not least, a fine (local) singer from Seattle:
17. Greta Matassa: Live at Tula's (see the following 2 links for more info):
I agree that asking for one song in any category is impossible to do. I am new to this and phrased my question poorly. Anyone with any kind of jazz collection can not answer the question by listing one song. I thank you for your responses, Kevin
Hi Kevine, I think it's best to have a song that you yourself really like and familiar with (or like it enough to want to get familiar with it). If you are looking for energy, you cannot go wrong with Ella. Most of her live performances are truely amazing!