Best father daughter dance song for wedding? Not Butterfly Kisses...

Josh Garrels - Benediction

Most likely a little known artist here, but a great Christian artist.  
Good Dad!
Something a little more upbeat than usual:
Paul Simon, Father and Daughter
Madonna- Papa don't Preach
Just Kidding😆
I hate weddings. I hate all the traditions around weddings and I think commercial businesses play on the desire to maintain those  traditions as an excuse for extracting money from people. My wedding was on a beach and I wore shorts! Gee, I guess we could have played some Beach Boys tunes now that I think of it. Lol!
Just had the privilege and joy of dancing with my daughter at her wedding three weeks ago.  I chose “I Wish You Peace” by the Eagles. 
The Stevie Wonder rec for "Isn't She Lovely" was just beautiful once I listened to it. Go for it.
Butterfly Kisses. Took me three weeks of listening to it over and over to build up a resistance to tears. I didn’t cry, but my daughter did!  Of course if you can't do it without crying, I understand...!
Personally, I'd stay away from anything that explicitly mentions fathers/daughters, and go with a song that you both jointly enjoy and is meaningful to you in some real way. Maybe something you would play when she was a kid or something...

e.g. My wife and I had our first dance to "It's a Big Ol' Goofy World" by John Prine because, while it does mention "a big old goofy man
Dancing with a big old goofy girl" it's not about that and it was a song we both love and fit the vibe we wanted.
My daughter and I danced to this at her wedding:

Absolutely a wonderful, heartfelt tune.  Not a dry eye in the place...
Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real - Giving You Away
Cat Stevens’ Wild World”.
Is there any song that two of you have memories of? It does not have to have a theme for wedding or whatever. Something two of you used to sing together? Even if it is Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

It is about two of you, not about the lyrics written by someone you have probably never met. She is your daughter and you are her father. That is what matters.
+1 on the Emmylou & MK Love and Happiness. The title says it all, the lyrics are poignant. Danced with my daughter to this song some years ago. Still makes me tear up when I put on her wedding mix.
"Colour My World"  by Chicago
@mofimadness that is perfect  

Cinderella  by Steven Curtis Chapman
Unforgettable - Duet - Natalie & Nat "King" Cole - 

How about《wonderful tonight》-Eric Clapton
John Mayer "Daughters"
My daughter and I danced to Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey. We are both Morrison fans and she always liked that song.

She had asked me to make a song list for the DJ and I had this one down for our dance and when I told her she said already had it down for our dance too.
It is also nice and slow for us non-dancer Dads.

She's Mine - George Jones - my middle daughter was married less than two months after the Possum passed. Knowing my and her Papa's love for country music, especially George, she chose this song and totally stunned us and our reception audience. God Bless her! 
1. Sentimental - isn't she lovely - stevie wonder
2. make their eyes pop out - Boom Boom Shake the room - Fresh prince and jazzy Jeff
3. get people joining in - the locomotion
4. just a good one and people will join in -  Sugar - maroon 5
My daughter & I danced to 'I Think of You' from Renaissance. Perfect song for a wedding & a dance I will always remember.
God only knows// Beach Boys
Cheap Trick - “The Flame”, probably not that popular
My daughter and I danced to KC & Sunshine Band's "Boogie Shoes," but that was something of an inside joke and probably not one anyone else wants to replicate.  But it was special to us.  Which, by the way, is likely to be the case for you too -- anything you pick will immediately become special.  Congratulations … or belated congratulations, as the case may be.
Father /daughter  song ...Billy joel "Goodnight  my Love" Hands Down....