Best External Drive To Rip A Lot Of CD's with?

As the title says, I have a lot of cd's to rip (about 3500). I need an external drive to accomplish this, and could use your help in identifying what drive will best accomplish this. It obviously needs to be solid, well built and rugged with that many cd's to rip.

Your recommendations and assistance would be greatly appreciated.
See my post dated 2-3-15 here.

-- Al
Listen to Al, no need to spend uber bucks for what you're doing...
Don't waste your time doing a rid. Best get a Sony changer, the 300 disk type, maybe two which can be chained together. Otherwise, higher a school kid this summer and have that person do the job, needs about 150 hours or about 20 eight hour days. A long time ago I felt it best not to rip, as I have over 12,000 cds. Better to spend the time on other things.
Are you asking for an external optical drive to read the CD's, or an external hard drives to store the data?


Thank you for that very helpful link. You may have saved me some cash and made my job easier. I just recalled that I had a very high end NEC external cd drive from years ago stashed in a closet. It is a beast of a unit, weighing about 5 pounds. And I just found that they sell SCSI to USB adapters for about $10.00.

How much is your time worth? You can figure 10-15 minutes per CD (depending on length) to do it right and get the tagged information right (dbPoweramp is great for this but it can take considerably longer for classical CDs). A quick Google search will give you several services that will do this for you.

On another thread someone made the suggestion to forgo the ripping and just subscribe to Tidal for $20 per month. I think this is becoming a much more appealing alternative.

If Tidal had even a fraction of the music I own available, possibly, but they don't.
If Tidal had even a fraction of the music I own available, possibly, but they don't.
Fair enough. That must be one esoteric music collection. :)

For the sake of completeness, there are also auto-feeders available. You're talking about some real money now and you mentioned saving money above, but I wouldn't think something like that would be hard to sell on a site like this. There are bound to be plenty of people in exactly your position.

Having ripped quite a few of my own, I can tell you that after about 100 CDs, it gets pretty tedious.
It depends how you do it. I ripped only CDs that I wanted to
listen to. I could listen to music within a minute and rip at
the same time. It is not a "chore".