Best Entry Tonearm for Oracle V

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback for the best entry level tonarm for $1000 for an Oracle V I am about to order. The Origin Live Silver and the VPI JMW 9 arms seem to be two great arms.... I have never had a unipivot arm though and don't know if the tonarm wire junction box on the JMW would be too far from the tonearm board on the Oracle plinth a few inches down-thus pulling at the wire-and suspension (assuming I understand this correctly). Also, I understand the unipivot such as the JMW has a different sonic sig than, say the OL Silver. Anyhow, any feedback and suggestions is greatly appreciated.
SME 309 or ORACLE SME 345 if you can find one used in that price range.
Don't waste your money on a JMW-9.
Mranfft. I used a Morch UP4 on my Delphi V and it seemed to be a very good match.

What cart are you thinking of using?

Thanks for the feedback all, yes I've heard that the SME 309 is better than an OL Silver. Also heard that the JMW 9 is not universally liked. The anti-skate looks a bit tricky, also the cable junction box seems like another connection, though I guess many arms have them and maybe it is better for the suspension-a long as it doesn't pull on the arm from the top of the bearing part. I'll use my previous cart to start, an IQ 2.

The SME-309 is an excellent tonearm Mike. I can't think of a cartridge with which it will not outperform the OL Silver.

As Pauly posted, the Moerch is a good choice as well.

Good luck.
A good used Graham 2.2 will sound very nice for the money .I run a Graham Phantom , just awesome sounding.