Best entry level combo-CD/Integrated amp/Speaker?

Will all you gurus recommend a system, just one system which is the bang for the buck or best entry level combo you have heard so far. I just heard mine and was impressed for the money! My speaker cable cost way over the total system itself! This really impressed me! I tried them all Rotel/Nad/Arcam...................This combo is good and I am familiar to my Rowland/Sonus/classe/Sme/Oracle! For the money, this is unheard 5 years ago no kidding.

NAD C521i CD Player
Creek 4330
Acoustic Energy Evo1! (Entry level Plateau stands)
Kimber Kable 4 PR and PBJ interconnects!

Best $1100 system I have heard yet! If you were to shop carefully, you could get a better deal!