Best entry level audiophile CD player with Co-Ax

I have a Peachtree Decco 65, and old Paradigm Compact Monitor speakers and need a CD player with co-ax and optical output.
What would be the best entry level CD player I could buy used for under $500?
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I've used the Onkyo C-7030 as a transport for over a year and it hasn't mistracked yet. Heavy and good looking too:

Under $200.
the emotive erc-2 is in the price range, is well built and has strong reviews about sound quality and buyer satisfaction. who else gives a 5 year transferable warranty with 60 day return? I have one and it sounds pretty good compared to my 1900 dollar arcam. good luck.
TEAC is still making CD players and is the company behind Esoteric you may want to check out their basic units for transports. Philips may or may not be still making good inexpensive CD players I have been using one for a while now its been very reliable.
A little more sophisticated up the food chain are the Hi-Fi Chinese units like Music Hall and many others which will cost you about $500.
As stated previously, it depends on how you plan on using the CDP. If as a transport I concur with Mik971. I would also consider Marantz, though you might consider the CD5004 over higher priced Marantz models. Check into it, the transport mechanism may be the same.