Best Engineered Album, - Diana Krall ?????

hummm...they must of had limited exposure to have selected this one...

Don't get me wrong, I like her but this has to be the worst of the bunch...over done on the insturmentation, recording quality is not on par..I even heard some distortion in certain segments !

Oh well...what do I know
Dave Bruebeck, "Gone with the Wind"

Anything by Jim Theile, Phil Ramone.

Recent: Jim Anderson-Patrica Barber
What do you expect? The Grammy's are the most worthless, bogus, meaningless nonsense.
DSOM-- Allan Parsons.
Hi Msn50, are you talking about the latest one? Because if you are, I have to agree with you that it doesn't sound very good. I strongly prefer the sound of some her earlier releases to the latest one, and there are others from many artists that I in turn favor over any of hers. I am no sound engineer, and only trust my ears, but that's my 2 pennies. I like the way the JVC XRCD2s sound, specifically, Chet Atkins In Hollywood, and Jacintha's releases. Incredible! Happy listening!

This would be the only category in which I would award first place to Diana Krall. Other winners include:

MOST OBNOXIOUS PERSONA--Matthew Polk (over Noel Lee)
HIGHEST DEALER MARKUP--Jerry Raskin (Needle Doctor)

And...THE "WHO WE MISS MOST" AWARD--Audio Alchemy
I'm sure Diana Krall is crying in her beer. Audio Alchemy?
re sellout...I don't think her Chrysler commercials help
not only do i love to hear diana krall sing, but i love to hear her talk. she is quite fun to look at as well. as far as how the album was cut. i think it sounds a little brash. as the awards go. why waste your time with that crap anyway.
That's a pretty funny list Thedautch.

Kirk, Diana is fun to watch in concert isn't she? She's quite funny too. A reviewer who's name escapes me once described her voice as fine wine with a splash of whiskey. I like it!
I don't think anyone who voted for Krall was listening to the record - they were looking at her picture on the cover. I do like some of her material and I heard her do a cover of Joni Mitchell's - A Case of You - on the tribute to Joni show and she made that song sound better than I have ever heard it before. Remember Jethro Tull....................
I think you are mistaken with QA. Adcom has a good reputation. It was Audio Alchemy that had one of the worst QA's in the history of audio.

Now that's something I don't think anyone misses!
I gave up on the grammys a few years ago when Michael Bolton got best male performer.

I have purchased several turntable systems from the Needle Doctor. Each time I was given a substantial discount from the retail price and was given excellent advice and service.
Most self promoting, over-rated profession:

Audio Engineers for mass production lables. Proof? Diana Krall!

When I hear a guy on this site tell us "I'm an recording engineer..." I move on to the next post.
The grammys are as worthless as the Oscars.
It's a marketing "seal of approval."
They'll give it to whatever item will benefit the most from this stamp, as far as sales are concerned.

Carlos Vives??? over Ruben Gozalez and Orquestra Aragon.
yeah... and N'Sync would win over Zeppelin.