Best Electronic Albums of the 90s....

My votes are:

CHemical Brothers: DIg your own hOle

Massive Attack: Mezzanine


ANy more lesser know, "underground" artists who would make the cut?
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I would have to add two:

Air: Moon Safari
Kruder & Dorfmeister: Sessions

I just love them eventhough the recording could be better on both. When I need to relax, I pop these in and sit back, listening to them all the way through. They have great flow from one song to the next. I have, BTW, the 3 you posted and like them as well. Arthur are those Omegas working out? Its funny you mention Air...I was contemplating adding them as well...and I agree...the music is stellar but the recording could be improved...still...great stuff...cheers...
Kind of surprised at how many of the electronic recordings I like best are post 2000. Here are a few good ones from the 90's:
-Mouse on Mars/Audiotracker
-Bilge/Starlight Serenade
-Daniel Goode/Tunnel-Funnel
-Morton Subotnick/And the Butterflies Begin to Sing
-Squarepusher/Feed Me Weird Things (Squarepusher has put out alot of great stuff, but this is a good one to start with).
Check this out it will give you a lot of great techno music.
Would also add debut records by Tricky,Goldie,and Bjork...
Hey Phase - those Omegas are knockout in many aspects! I love them. Currently they aren't hooked up - I am waiting to snag an Antique Sound Lab amp for them as they sound kind of thin and bright with SS (weird how they are that way). Glad to hear someone else likes Air! I think all their stuff is killer.
Your impeccable taste in music continues to delight & amaze me. I’ll see your Massive Attack “Mezzanine,” and raise you one “Leftism” by Leftfield.
Tweak...Im up for the pepsi challenge...Photek's "form & function" is killer drum n bass from an absolute studio master...
"Leftism" kicks ass all right, I've been listening to my cherished vinyl copy lately (electronica vinyl + high end system = good).

Best of the 90's?

I'll go with Orbital "In Sides"
Boards of Canada "Music Has the Right..."
Global Communication "76:14"
the last two EBTG albums
...and anything by Plaid/Black Dog.

Runners-up: Spacetime Continuum "Sea Biscuit," William Orbit Torch Song and Hinterland LPs, "Snivelization" and everything else by Orbital.
Also...anything by Grooverider...and i would have to second the notion...most electronic music has immaculate production...which makes listening a pleasure! Keep em comin!
I've researched the albums of LOOP GURU but I can't point out which ones since they're all superb.
Not really underground but:
Georgeous by 808 State
Raise The Pressure by Electronic
Not in any particular order:
1) ORB-adventures beyond the ultraworld
2)Chemical Brothers -first album
3)Coldcut-Let us play
4)Fatboy Slim- first album
5)Thievery Corporation-songs from the thievery hifi
6)Underworld- second album
Try Goldfrappe's "Felt Mountain" cd. It's very 60's in a cool electronic way.
bill laswell "broken vessels" soundtract 1999
Not actually underground but the future sound of london's Lifeforms should make the cut. Underword's second, Orbital's In sides and have you listened to Kraftwelt's Electric dimension and retroish??
You've Come A Long Way, Baby (1998) - Fatboy Slim; Protection (1995) - Massive Attack. Both are not underground (or considered hard-core techno) but I consider them a part of the best.