Best efficient Line Conditioner UNDER 1K

Richard Gray RGPC 400S, ($700) VansEvers Model 85, Unlimiter or Model 85 Reference ($650, $675 or $900)? Or something else? While the PS Audio 300 ($1195) might be a better solution, it's only 50% to 60% efficient (100 watts in, 50 to 60 watts out). The Richard Gray and VansEvers models are all probably over 95% since they have no active circuits. What has anybody else tried?

I live in an apartment in NYC where the current is unreliable and limited. I'm looking for something efficient to counter the sags and surges I experience whenever my neighbor's refrigerator goes on and off.
I have a Vansevers Reference 83 which is basically the same as the Reference 85; just a different compliment of digital and analog plugs. I am very pleased with it.
I have the Vans Evers 141, which is the same as the Model 83 except that it has 14 outlets rather than 8. It is fantastic piece.
Take a look at the Cinepro AC balancer 20 amp. Under 1K used...
Msw26, correct me if I am wrong but a conditioner will only clean up noisy power. If you experience sags, a conditioner may not help as it does not regenerate or regulate the AC power. Are you sure a conditioner is what you are looking for or maybe something like the new PS Audio unit which reformulates AC power?
I've had a PS300 since Christmas and am enormously satisfied. Before you eliminate the Power Plant based on efficiency, consider what you'll be running with it. My front end (DVD player and processor) only draws about 30-40W..well below the units capacity. So even at 50% efficiency, it's not drawing that much power from the wall (and none at at when it's not on!) I suggest you get a P300, turn off a 100W light, and listen in the'll be glad you did!