Best/easiest way to get iTunes to PS Audio Bridge

I have a PS Audio DAC Mark II with a bridge coming in the next few days. What is the best/easiest way to get my iTunes data to the PS Audio? I have an Apple Laptop that I can use just for this purpose, but I was hoping there was a way to buy just a hard drive....or something that can be used as a server other than the actual laptop. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

USB hard drive to netgear router media server to wireless bridge - this is how I run mine
You can manage apple lossless formats in iTunes, but you need a DLNA server to serve these files to the bridge, and eLyric on an iDevice to control the library. Not sure what DLNA server options there are for Mac. Take a look on the PS audio website.
Is there any way to go directly from hard drive directly to PS Audio? I would like to avoid more connections and potential loss of signal quality.

If you use the bridge you stream the audio files direclty from the storage device to the PWD. If you use a NAS for storage, this is as direct as it gets. The DLNA server just sends the files to the PWD, there is no real other connection or operating system system involved.