Best earplugs?

I have some 20 db Earwear uninversal fit "musician's" earplugs that are good. But I went up close for a KISS tribute band named Strutter - I abused myself. The problem wasn't the db rating, it's that they kind of work their way out with time. I need some custom fitters. There are 3 brands I am looking at. Two of them, Etymotics and Ultimate Ears look like they are selling the same product with a different tint.

Westone Labs appears to offer custom molded earplugs where you can choose the strength after the fact - 25 db, 13 db, or 9 db. Why would I be interested? Because if you aren't up close 25db seams a bit overkill, though maybe some would argue against that.

Any comments on quality of these 3 brands? Another one that I have missed?
Are you familiar with Sonic II earplugs? I have used these for many years at rock concerts, but do not know if they are still being made. They are the only earplug I know that stay in place, protect the ear from ringing after a LOUD concert, yet provide a non-muffled sound. 15 years ago they were available from most sporting goods shops at $12 the pair. They were primarily designed for ear protection during shooting of guns, but still allow conversation between gun shots.
Look into Pacific Coast Laboratories. They are custom fitted
by an audiologist and come with six interchangeable filters with various attenuation depending on your needs. The most important thing is to make sure your audiologist does a good job making the mold of your ear. This will get you a
snug fit without any sound "leakage"
I ride motorcycles - a lot. Been doing it for over 35 years. My wife snores - a lot. Been sleeping with her for over 25 years [smile]. My hearing (and my marriage) is still very good because I've been using earplugs for quite some time now.

The very *best* and most comfortable earplugs I have ever used are the EARSoft Yellow Neons.

Get 'em off FleaBay for $12.99/100 pr. delivered.
I'm a motorcyclist since forever, as well as a professional woodworker. I do ear protection. My 2 cents:
I have never found disposable plugs that either 1) are comfortable or 2) stay fully inserted, so I have custom ones made by an audiologist. If you want to go the foam route (and I know some people that love them) buy one or two of a bunch of different kinds, and see what works best for you. You can usually find a selection at motorcycle shops, or of course a safety supply company - even Grainger's.
I have a pair of custom 25db Westones (165.00 thru local audiologist) and love 'em. I never go to a show without them, and they stay in place for hours. They will save your ears.
"Best earplugs for what", now becomes the question. Best fit, best comfort, and best attenuation have been answered. But I am concerned with best frequency response to my ears, while still providing attenuation. At concerts, every earplug I have tried (except the Sonic II) makes the music sound muted and boring. What earplugs have allowed YOU to protect your ears while still enjoying the sound of the music?
How about Surefire or are these for shooting only?
Rlwainright, Thanks for the tip. Have just ordered some and will give them a try. I use them mainly for karting and driving a too loud old Porsche.

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