Best earphone for the value

I bought the earphone after reading rave review on it.

SoundMagic E11C review | What Hi-Fi?

The review is spot on.

The most remarkable difference between this and free earphone distributed by Delta Airline is detailed treble.

I also compared this with Grado SR80E headphone that I have.

Grado have slightly more open bass but this one seems to have more details.

Due to the limitation of luggage, I would rather bring earphone than regular headphone  for long travel.

This one fit my need at the cost of 60$.

I found that the music through Youtube or Amazon prime using SoundMAGIC E11C earphones is quite enjoyable.

I highly recommend this for travel.

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This one has enough isolation in the airplane.

The most important thing is that  its sound is musical with classical music like violin concerto.

I can live with this one for at least one year.

There is no need to rush into rabbit hole of earphone since I use earphone only during travel.
I owned a pair of Etymotics a few years back.  Good amount of mid and high end detail, but really lacking in the bottom end.  It's a single Balanced Aperture driver, so.... Also, it required a deep insertion to get good isolation.  Replaced it with a pair of CA Lyra II's which I really like, but they require a lot of drive.  Also have a pair of CA Vega's which are really nice also.  Finally, Picked up a pair of CA Solaris a few weeks ago.  These are the best of the bunch; loads of detail, smooth mids and really tight and fast low end.  I guess you can tell I'm a CA fan.

If you're searching for something inexpensive, look at the Periodic Audio Mg's.  They retail for $100 and they occasionally they put them on sale for $70.  I use them at the gym a lot.  If your willing to spend a little more, also check out the Periodic Be's.  They retail for $300, but I see them on sale for $240 occasionally,

I also own a pair of JA Audio Layla's, but the CA Solaris is better.

I guess you can tell that I'm a CA fan.  I haven't tried any of their entry level stuff, but the build quality of the units I own are first rate.  
I also own a pair of Be's, Ti's and their Nickel headphone amp.  The Be's are not quite as good as the CA Lyra II's.  At half the price, they are a real bargain.  In addition, they don't require a headphone amp to make them sing; you can just plug them into your phone and enjoy.  When I use the Lyra II's, I have to use a headphone amp to get the most out of them.  

Hope this helps,