Best Earbuds for Ipod -Sony 71SL or ER 6 Etymotic

I have just bought a 40G Ipod, I have downloaded 7200 songs , Classical, Jazz, Rock, Easy Listening, Ect. What a great concept, for entertaining or Dinners, just plug in the ipod into your Pre-amp and off you go, hours of musik without changing a CD. It works great with my Krell system.
Also I have purchased from Creative a travel speaker pack that I can listen to all or close to all my CD while I'm on holidays.Best ones out there for the money Creative MP3 speakers, wall plug in or batteries.

On the headphones, anyone have a chance to try the Etymotic Research ER 6 Isolators, and have anyone had a chance to compare to the Sony MDR EX 71SL earbuds, or any top of the line earbuds that would work with the ipod?

Thank you
Can't speak for the Sony 'phones, but I use ER-6s with my iPod and have been very satisfied with the results. While the iPod won't drive them to ear-splitting levels, I've always felt it had sufficient power...with the added noise isolation of an in-ear 'phone, you can enjoy listening at more comfortable levels.
I am using ER-6s with an MD player and find them very enjoyable. Foamies work best for me in terms of comfort, but the plastic tips are excellent isolators. Can't imagine that any "portable" speaker can touch them.
ER-6s!!!!! If you want something even better try the ER-4P. They are much better. I use ER-4P with my iPod and have been extremely satisfied. These two items have become close friends of mine since the fall of 2001 when the iPod cam out. Make sure to get the "P" version if you get the ER-4. It allows the op-amp in the iPod to drive the load much, much better.

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Ugh, stay away from the 71SL is all I have to say. I haven't heard the etymotics, but the Sonys were just horribly bad. They murdered the mids - muddy mids and harsh in the highs. Just an astonishingly punishing sound for someone who's used to high fidelity. Ear bleeders extraordinaire. I gave them away to a cousin.