Best earbuds/earphones

Trying to take the show on the road and I'm wondering what earbuds you found to be the best. I bought a pair of UltimateEars TripleFI 10 which have been highly touted and they sound terrible. I guess it has something to do with the seal but none of the sizes work for me. No bass at all and very bright. $30 Skullcandy my wife has sound tons better so it is odd. I doubt the UE's are that bad, just do not work for me.

Any suggestions on a good set?
i used to be big on earphones and headphones before moving into speakers

depending on your budget, i'd look into the shure se530 or westone 3

for cheaper options, the klipsch x10 and head-direct re0

ety's are good for accuracy/detail, but they are on the bright/cold side.. not very musical and not much bass
Richard_stacy, I have used the ER-4P since 2000 and keep them at home since the HF-2 came out. They both sound great with my iPhone and I really like the microphone and "button" on the HF-2 for talking and working out.

There is a newer version of the HF-2 coming out soon that will have three "buttons" on the mic for volume. I will probably get them because I use workout a lot and like having easy access to those controls without reaching in my pocket and looking at the screen. Most Apple Stores carry the HF-2.

One thing I can highly recommend is trying the different tips that come with the Etys. This makes a big difference in sound quality and comfort. Everyone's ears are different, and you want to make sure your have a good seal, while still being comfortable.
Hmmm...Mrk's comments have me a bit concerned about the Ety because those issues are exactly what I did not like about the UE and Turbine. Zero musicality and even less bass. I am not so much concerned about the controls because the Droid does most of that stuff on its own (switches call/ring to earphones, pause etc). All you iphone folks should check one out! You also can choose a variety of players with different features as well as file formats. I can go on and on about all the benefits of the Droid vs Iphone but way off topic...Back to the phones...I can only assume that the reason is the UE are designed for better sources vs portable players. Mrk were the Ety's you are referring to the ones they designed for portable players or the hifi ones?

Like all things audio, I started and could not stop. I did finally find a way to get a seal with the UE's but found them to me muddy and loaded in the mids. This seems odd to me as all the reviews I have read suggest that they are ultra clear to the point of being bright and etchy. Not so inside my head. So on to the Etymotic HF2...again, very hard time finding a seal but eventually found the rounded little foam tips to work, not the comply but the funny circle looking ones. These buds were the clearest, most detailed I have heard yet and close to what I think I am searching for. The big issue was the lack of lack of bass. So on to the Westone 3...only tips that seal for me were the large Xmas tree type and they seal well. These are a very comfortable design and are sort of a cross between the UE and Ety in sound. I prolly can live with them but the bumped up mids bother me, similar to the UE. They also lack the clarity and air of the ETY. So on to the Etymotic ER4P...these are in transit to me now and I am hoping they are the ones for me. From what I liked about the HF2, they should be. My wish is for a little more bass without the exaggerated midrange. I am looking forward to it!

Another interesting point about this whole thing is just how good the player in the Moto Droid can sound. With these good buds, it certainly sounds close to a decent HiFi rig and in some ways better. This came as a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for all that offered input. It was a strong jumpstart for my search.
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