Best E88CC for a brutal subbass experience?

I never was a basshead but everything changed when I connected my Abyss 1266 Phi TC directly to the speaker taps of my First Watt F7.

Oh boy, thats what I call a visceral experience of sheer power!

But it`s still hard to find an E88CC or variant that delivers a tight, full and accurate subbass in the deepest registers without having other issues.

Actually I really love my RTC E188CC (Mullard) in every way - except the subbass that is portrayed more like white noise ... ;) In the meanwhile I tried Siemens E188CC, some Amperex bugle boys and Sylvanias. Finally I came back for the stock tubes of my dac (Lab 12 Dac 1 Reference), some 6922 from Electro Harmonix.

From my small experience these are the only tubes (by far) bringing out a real proper subbass. But as they lack in other regions now I`m still on the run for the perfect tube.

Soundwise I really love the Mullards (E188CC) for theier voloptous, wide open and very well textured presentation but I could live with something less warm as long as the tubes have a delicate and slightly fuller charakter (also liked the bugle boys for theier medium warm tonality, except for the mids that were way too upfront in my eyes).

So, what could I do? Happy for every constructive feedback!


@sbank Thanks Spencer, I wrote an email to Andy. 

Really wondering while most tube descriptions only refer to "the bass", while explicit subbass qualities don't seem to be of interest. 

@barrista0611 Andy sold me these HP’s that are just stunning in the low frequencies. I would recommend calling him though because he doesn’t really do email.

@audiosaurusrex Yes, I was reading he is not that responsive... 

I can't see the picture in your post. Which exact tube is it? 


@barrista0611 Sorry weird when I go to attach a picture I can see it but no one else can. They are HP 6DJ8-G73Z Green Tops. Andy definitely knows his tubes. I also got some great tubes from Mark at the tubemuseum. Good Luck!

I had some Philips tubes that rolled off the top a little but the bass was frickin’ bottomless. I believe they were 5965 (in place of 12AT7). They weee also slightly taller so I couldn’t shut the lid. Got them from Brent Jesse.